2018 Post-Season Tournament Player Eligibility Registration Form

May 22, 2018

Update:  UMLL is now only accepting tournament player registrations for Seniors Softball and Seniors Baseball players.  The registration deadline for all other teams/divisions passed on Saturday, May 19th.


Parents / Guardians:

The 2018 Post-Season Tournament Player Eligibility Registration Form is now available online @ www.UMLL.net under Online Forms'.

The parent/guardian of any player who wishes to be considered for selection to a post-season tournament team must complete and submit the eligibility form on or before Saturday, May 19, 2018, by 11:59PM.  If we do not receive an eligibility form for a player by this date/time, that player will NOT be permitted to apply at a later date for any 2018 post-season tournament sponsored by UMLL.

Note: The player eligibility registration form MUST be submitted online; paper copies of the eligibility form will NOT be accepted.

Players who are 'league ages' 7 thru 16 are eligible to participate in the corresponding post-season tournaments.  (The online registration form will present available tournament team options based on the player’s date of birth.)

The tournament eligibility fee of $75 MUST be pre-paid online via PayPal in order to complete the registration process.  Failure to remit payment WILL result in your child being ineligible for selection to the tournament team.  IF your child is NOT selected to a tournament team, your $75 fee will be refunded via PayPal promptly once the teams are selected.  (Note: Some tournament managers will conduct tryouts prior to selection of the team; managers will contact parents of eligible players under separate cover with additional details.)

Thank you in advance for your interest in and support of UMLL's post-season tournament teams, and good luck to all of the managers, coaches, and players who will represent UMLL in these tournaments!