Gentlemen the AGM minutes are below, please let me know if I missed anything - Rich


In Attendance at Fieldhouse in Burlington

Commissioner - Tom Manuel
President - Rich Knight
CIT  Director - Greg McEachern
45/50's Director - Dan Radobenko
Player Safety Director Rob Fisher

Brampton-Dan Nall
Hamilton-Todd Breedon
Oakville -Rob Fisher
Welland - Dan Radobenko

On Conference Call

Barrie - Jim Scriver
Braumeisters - Gary Duke
Dufferin Simcoe Tom Anderson
Dufferin Simcoe - Jeff Akitt
Scarboro- Mike Burke
Tecumseh - Tim Lessard
Tecumseh - Derek Prescott


Buffalo, Burlington, Carlton Place, Kingston, Tillsonburg, Walsingham
Woodslee, and Frank Iker


The AGM started ( 12:02 pm )

Rich Knight opened the meeting by welcoming and thanking those in attendance at the Fieldhouse and on conference call for taking the time to participate!

Tom Manual opened 2016 AGM thanking all those for their concerns from his recent hospital visit. He was also grateful to be named the new Commissioner in 2015 (very well deserved) and how he would do his very best to follow the footsteps of the former Commissioner Bryan Hart who unfortunately passed away in 2015. Tommy finished it off by naming a number of our Wall of Famers in particular Clair Seeley and how we should not forget them how they paved the way for Vintage Baseball.

Rich Knight followed up with his opening remarks, requesting that if anyone was interested in being an Apprentice to become a member of the executive (especially President) to send an email to Rich personally. Rich also reminded Teams of host tournaments that the rules are on the website and convenors should post rules to make sure that rules voted by VBFO team Reps are adhered to. Rich also mentioned teams that have run tournaments in particular Welland had rain outs and in the rules it states that teams should pay in advance, and usually the rule of thumb is teams bring their fees with them or trade off tournament fees, and Rich stated that the hosting team and attending teams should not accept the burden, noting that the Executive have agreed any hosting teams effected by weather or other items affecting their Tournament may request financial relief by sending e mail to executive ( by email
That rule will be updated on website.

Other items of note Rich Knight requested the VBFO fees $100 (by May 1st) be given to Rich personally or by mail
or Tom Manual, both addresses are on website

Tom Manual gave Financial Report, because of Bryan's death (former Commish) we will start 2016 with a balance of $7,926.65

Old Business
Dan Radobenko, went thru both 50 plus provincial tournament, won by Tecumseh defeating Oakville  and 45 plus unfortunately rained out

Dan Nall went thru 35 plus Provincials which Woodslee beat Scarborough in Final

No other items

New Business

Mentioned the Rule change for Rain Out and we have agreed to give Welland $100 plus pay their VBFO Entry Fee for 2016

Rules were read by Rich Knight (for Sam Lamb), Dan Radobenko, and Mike Burke. The Rules will be sent to all of you to #1 discuss on Website and #2 to vote on in a following email

Preliminary Schedule To be confirmed by February 2016

June 11, 12 - Tillsonburg -35+45+ TBC
June 18 - Barrie 35+ 1 day event
June 25-  Welland 45+
July 2 - Walsingham-35+ 1 day event
July 16 - normally Dufferin Simcoe however
July. 29, 30,31, August 1 -Nationals in Medicine Hat
August 20,21  - 50 + Provincials in Ottawa
September 10 - 45+ Provincial in Welland
September 24 or October 1 - dates to be confirmed 35+ Provincials in Brampton

Rich also stated if anyone is interested in hosting the 2017 Nationals please send email to Rich Knight by December 21st, 2015

Rich closed AGM at 1 20 pm, and again thanking Team reps for all their input and wished all a keep safe throughout the Holiday Season and till we meet again