VBFO Minutes
Saturday November 26, 2016

Fieldhouse, Burlington


Dan Radobenko – Welland
Frank Iker - VP - VBFO
Tommy Manuel Commissioner
Rich Knight - Oakville
Rob Fisher VP Player Safety
Greg McEachern VP Operations
Dan Nall - Brampton

On phone:
Derek Prescott – Tecumseh
Paul Freeman – York
Matt Johnson – Port Lampton
Mike Burke – Scarboro
Greg Grant – Barrie
Jeff Akitt – Dufferin Simcoe Braves
Jim Scriver - Barrie
Tim Lessard – Tecumseh
Gary Duke – Ottawa Braumeisters
Tom Anderson – Dufferin Simcoe Rockers
Mark Budman – Montreal
Marco Serra – Burlington
Chad Lazzree - Montreal


Welcome from Rich Knight

Thanking all individuals, taking the time to attend in person or on Conference Call

Rich Congratulated  the  Scarboro Maroons  for their banner year winning  35 and 45 Provincials.  Rich jokingly said Scarboro would not have won the 50 Provincial that unfortunately got rained out on the Sunday..

President Rich Knight concluded Opening Remarks by passing over to Tom Manuel our commissioner to make further important VBFO announcements

.......Miles Morrish passed away a couple of weeks ago.  Take a moment of silence to pause for him.

........Financial Report - from Commissioner

Season $7900 balance in bank.

Expenses -> $1336.30
Team revenues -> $1430
Total balance to date  –> 8018.35

The Commissioner Final announcement was to announce the 2 new. VBFO - Wall of Fame Inductees

– Gary Duke (Ottawa)
- Jim Scriver (Barrie)

Rich as a follow up to the Commissioners important announcement focused in on Myles Moorish and to remind all Team Reps to go to the www.vbfo.ca website to look at Memoriam category then to remember to add those players who have passed away (the year the player/ person deceased and the team the player / person played with

Old Business

- 35+ Provincial Report - Greg Smithson
7 teams participated. Great time and weather.
Winner – Scarboro Maroons
Tier 2 - Tilsonburg

- 45+ Provincial Report - Dan Radobenko
6 teams participated.
Winner – Scarboro Maroons

- 50+ Provincial Report - Gary Duke
8 teams participated
Unfortunately no winner due to rain out.

At this point Rich gave kudos to Greg Smithson and his unique idea about creating 2 divisions after Saturday and making Sunday games more important to all attending
Rich went as far as saying for 2017 that all provincial Tournaments the VBFO would support financially a prize for the (Tier 2 / B)  Champions

*Any other items

New Business

*Team Rosters + Insurance
Important to pay your VBFO fees to cover insurance.
More important if you’re coming in with 3 different teams a team will pay $100 and $25 for each additional team to ensure all players are insured.

Rich also reminded Mark Budman or for that matter any teams outside of Ontario that they must be insured and also any teams from Ontario are insured if they leave the Province but must be supported by a letter from  Baseball Ontario -  one important factor not mentioned is that Ontario teams that go outside of Canada! The Team is covered for Liability only.

One other important item to mention, is that if you have asked players from any other VBFO teams to join you, those players must be identified as such (and we will use Tim Lessard as an example)
***Oakville has asked Tim Lessard (from Tecumseh) to join them at CNOBF 2017 with permission from Tecumseh club). This helps cover the player for any secondery insurance if needed!

This can all be handled thru Rich Knight, Frank Iker or Greg McEachern who will forward on to Baseball Ontario.


Rich gave a quick update on the CNOBF when asked about the Fields (that were a concern to some teams) Rich stated it is a work in progress and even though we are not totally pleased with some of the field conditions of some of the parks the games most likely will proceed in Hamilton (the 25th anniversary where the games began)

And Rich also mentioned If too many teams in 35+ group, then priority will go to teams that have played previously or are defending champions. The cost  (will be going up) by May 31,2017.  Get your entries in ASAP

Rule Changes

Danny Radobenko sent a word document to 45/50 Teams noting that he felt with the new rule re: players must be 35/45/50 by Dec. 31 of that given year hurt the growth of the 45 / 50 Divisions

Rich at that point thought it was a good segway to go off line with the 3 age groups and look into to the rules noting that Rich felt it would be foolish not to have every age bracket to look at the rules and come back with suggestions

Those rules will be voted on and implemented by the start of the 2017 VBFO season.

*-Rule Change Groups
35 Group – Mike Burke, Paul Freeman, Derek Prescott

45 Group – Tim Lessard, Dan Radobenko, Dan Nall

50 Group - Gary Duke, Rich Knight, Frank Iker, Jim Shriver

*-2017 - VBFO Schedule
Regular Weekend - $300
One Day Events - $200
Provincial Costs - $350

May 20,21, 22 50+ in Montreal.
June 10,11  Tilsonburg – 35+/45+
June 17 Barrie – 35+ 1 day
June 24,25 Welland – 45+
July 7,8,9. Walsingham – 35+
July 22 Welland – 57+
Aug 4,5,6,7 – CNOBF in Hamilton,On

Sep 9,10 – Welland 45+ Provincial

Sep 23,24 – Brampton/Tecumseh 35+ Provincial

Sep 30,  Oct 1  – Oakville 50+ TBD Provincial

Closing Remarks

Thanks for attending and safe travels. Happy Safe Holidays