VCI is Going Green

In order to do our part.. The Valley Cottage Indians is going GREEN. One of our 1st initiatives will be the reduction of paper.

Notification of team assignments and other information will be done via email - starting Monday July 28th.

Our website will be updated with the appropriate papers and forms in support of this effort - please see handouts folder.

If you have any issues, concerns or questions please contact the Secretary of the Valley Cottage Indians,
Mrs Carol Cifuni at or 845.268.4664.

Reduce Your Impact on Endangered Forests

tips provided by Forest Ethics

Believe it or not, paper and wood are still being made from endangered forests. Avoid such products by using less paper and wood, and by buying products that are post-consumer recycled and/or from Forest Stewardship Council certified forests.

Businesses can provide guidance to their employees and suppliers by adopting a sustainable wood and paper procurement policy.

Climate changes also threatens forest ecosystems—and deforestation and other logging contribute roughly 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions. You can help by reducing your carbon footprint and supporting more effective climate policies.

Consumers should also contact and to avoid unwanted junk mail.

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