Managers - Know What's Going On! Players, you can Help

We have more information available to league managers in the City of Victorville than ever before. Pitch one -We have a website with schedules, results and news about upcoming leagues available 24/7/365. Pitch two- We have printed schedules that are handed out for every player that list games, upcoming leagues and deadlines, and we have, Pitch three- a Recreation Brochure that is mailed to every address in Victorville. A lot of information is available with very little effort

Still, however, about 5% of the managers come in after the deadline and say something like "No one ever called me. I didn't know when sign-ups were." These five percenters need your help. Players, don't assume that your managers know about important dates or deadlines, make sure to remind them. Some managers go into relax mode right after a season ends and don't think about the next season until someone calls. The information about the next season is always available before the current season ends.

So don't let your manager drop the ball or lose it in the sun, back him/her up. Remember, we provide three pitches, don't wiff.