A Word About Rosters

Lately we've had a few roster/player eligibilty protests and since some playoffs are starting I thought I'd post some information that may be helpful.

1-All teams must have turned in a complete roster before they play their first game. If there is a player protest against a team without a roster turned in, the protest will be allowed and the game will be lost. 
Additions to the Offical Roster must be done with the addition/deletion form and before the deadline, which is set at the halfway mark. (Check the handout section)

2-All players must sign the game card. If a player arrives late he/she may be added, but must sign the card before they play. If a player signs a card with someone else's name they will be kicked out of all leagues for a minimum of one season and the team will be placed on probabtion. Teams/players placed on probation are subject to a minimum of doubling penalties and/or removal from league for infractions.
Players may not play on multiple teams in a league.