Upper Island Referee Guidelines 2018-2019

The following is important information that must be followed for all games.

If you have any questions, please contact your club referee scheduler.

All game durations are available on the UISA website - uisa.ca  –on the “Referee Documents” page under the Referee menu, and on the bottom of the home page.



Handshakes for VIPL games will take place prior to the start of the game. Teams may cheer at the end but handshakes will not have to be redone.  

For all VIPL games, the three-part VIPL game sheet must be used, filled out completely (including all discipline) at the end of the game, and handed back to the teams.  Refs must keep the white copy of the game sheet through to the end of the season, in case it is needed for any discipline or other issues arising from the game.

Online game reports should be filled out for every game using the online form available on the BC Soccer Discipline System found under the BC Soccer website’s Referee menu. Log in as directed with your RefCentre username and password, then fill out your report.  League Title = VIPL.  Home Team = Riptide or Storm.  Home Club also = Riptide or Storm.  You do not need to name goal scorers, just report the final score.  All discipline must also be documented on the online form.

DO NOT TAKE ID CARDS FOR ANY SEND OFFS PLEASE                                            

There is a place to note on Discipline report if card was or was not taken.

ID Cards – As per BC Soccer and VIPL rules, all 11-aside rostered and permitted players and team officials must have ID cards by October 1 of the current season. Non-conforming players/team officials may still participate, but may be subject to sanctions. 

Team Officials – As per BC Soccer rules, each team may have only five (5) officials on their roster AND on the bench for all League and Cup games, and one of them must be the same gender as the players. 

Questions? – contact the UISA Head of Discipline:

Kevin Cowie

Email:  chair@uisa.ca