Upper Island Cup Guidelines for Referees 2018



Guidelines for A and B Cup Officials 2018


These instructions are for Game Officials officiating A and B cup games.  This information must be followed or game fees WILL NOT be paid


Referees may only accept appointments to games if they are registered referees.  If a referee has been assigned to a game with a relative playing/coaching, he/she must not accept the game.

1. Current game durations and overtime are available on UISA website under referee information and at the bottom of the welcome page, or on the BCSA website under Rules and Regulations.

Under 18, Under 17: 2 halves of 45 minutes each, OT= 2 halves of 15 minutes each

Under 16, Under 15:  2 halves of 40 minutes each, OT= 2 halves of 10 minutes each

Under 14:  2 halves of 35 minutes each, OT= 2 halves of 10 minutes each

 Current BCSA photo ID cards MUST be checked on both Players and Team Officials and returned to the team.

  1. A maximum of five (5) team officials shall be listed on the team roster.  One (1) member of the team officials must be the same gender as the team and must be present on the bench and in the change rooms.  If not, a parent must step in, and this fact must be noted on game sheet and on the online game report.

  2. The game sheet must be filled out PROPERLY and COMPLETELY including score and all official identifying information, and handed back to the teams. There should only be 2 types of game sheets: 1) triplicate UISA/VIPL forms or 2) two team lists from each team, used once we play Upper Island vs. Lower Island or VIPL finals and beyond.  You must fill out all 4 copies, keep one from each team, and give each team a copy of their opponents’ list.  DO NOT forward to BCSA.

UISA game reports on UISA web site (select the “Online Game Report” page from the Referee menu on the home page) must then be filled out within 24 hrs of completion of all games.  Failure to complete the online forms will result in payment being withheld. Refs must also keep the white copy of the game sheet through to the end of May, in case it is needed for any discipline or other issues arising from the game.

  1. Teams are on one side of field and spectators on other side of field.

  2. Home teams are responsible for changing uniforms, including goalkeeper, if there is a color conflict.

  3. The game must have a winner if tied at end of Regulation.  Overtime of 2 equal halves is played (full overtime) – the durations are available on UISA or BCSA websites.  If the game is still tied, then teams must take kicks from the Penalty spot. Please make yourself familiar with the rules for taking of kicks from the penalty spot which is in the FIFA Laws of the Game.

  4. For all A Cup and B cup games discipline reports must be done on the BCSA website. Click under Referee then Discipline System. Competition is District League until we play Upper Island vs. Lower Island, or VIPL finals, after which competition is Coastal Cup. Make yourself familiar with this system.

  5. When filling out the game report make sure you and your assistants’ ID # and last name is legible.  We prefer if you use black ink as it copies better.

  6. Game Officials must come from the current BCSA list of officials. Use of unregistered game officials may result in a fine and the game can be protested.

  7. Please make sure game officials take or know their BCSA Referee ID number.  

  8. ALL games are to have 3 Officials (a Referee and 2 Assistant referees). Cup games take precedence over league games.

  9. Referees must be a minimum of 2 years older than the players and must have at least 2 years experience with a District level or higher certification.

  10. Referee assistants must be the same age or older than the players, have at least 2 years experience and must have a District level or higher certification.  One of the Assistants must be capable of taking over for the Referee in the event that the Referee cannot finish the game.

  11. If only one AR or no Ref shows up, both teams may agree to a replacement person. Both coaches must sign game sheet agreeing to the replacement.  Such signatures will obviate any protest resulting from this section. In this case, the game sheet must be forwarded to Kevin Cowie at the contacts below within 24h of the game.

 ** Current District Referee Scheduler is

Kevin Cowie

4790 Lewis Rd

Campbell River BC      

V9H 1C4

email: chair@uisa.ca

**BCSA website    www.bcsoccer.net

** UISA Website   http://uisa.ca/