Who are We?!

Some think this is simply the beginning of a chant used to encourage and inspire players to a greater performance. However, if you stop and think about it this phrase should be used every day of our lives.

Who you are is made up of the relationships and experiences, both good and bad, which have led to today. Many people have expressed their dreams and goals to become professional ball players, politicians or musicians. This desire is what helps individuals push themselves when things are tough and seem to be impossible.

I have been a proud member of this organization for twenty plus years and have experienced both the good and bad. The Renegades are a family just like any other with different views and opinions. These differences are what keep us growing and maturing. The goal is to provide the community with individuals that have the leadership, discipline and integrity to work through the differences.

The players come for different reasons before ending the season with enduring friendships or knowledge. The skills learned provide the foundation for the desire and commitment to conquer any problem put in their way. We enjoy watching the victories and often forget that character can be built in defeat.

The coaches give their time and energy for the payoff of passing along the life lessons and sacrifices they themselves have experienced. In years past these same men were exactly where the players are, playing a game they love with a passion to be the best. It is an enlightening moment between coach and player when both realize it. The parents endure the same sweltering heat and bone chilling cold conditions of the players and coaches. Mothers are tormented with worry that their little one might get hurt, while fathers watch as their brood courageously attacks their prey. These combined sensations provide a sense of communal emotions that create lasting ties.

For over forty years the Walker Renegades have been a part of the community providing the tools for success. Generations of players, coaches and parents are scattered around this country applying the abilities and lessons taught from our humble field.

This is the true meaning of “Who are WE”.