21 August, 2020



Risk Assessment for minimising the Spread of COVID 19 : Walsham Le Willows Football Club


Prepared by : Gordon Ross

Date Prepared /Latest Review: 3.8.2020/21.8.2020

Who might be harmed : Players, Officials, Staff,  Spectators and Volunteers



Date to be Reviewed :3.9.2020 or following Government and FA guidance updates



Actioned by whom

Action by when

Date completed

Promoting Good hygiene

Signage displayed  clearly directing people to hand washing facilities : signage checked daily


Signage on display promoting good hygiene : signage checked daily


Disposable hand towels available in toilets where hand dryers not installed


Hand sanitising stations available where hand washing facilities not readily available


PPE available for those requiring it (i.e. volunteers)

WLW Social Club and Team Managers



Cleaning of facilities

High contact touch points cleaned frequently throughout the day; Logs of cleaning kept for 21 days


Toilets cleaned regularly


Frequent cleaning of work areas and equipment between use


Weekly stock check of cleaning products


Increased waste bins; emptied regularly


Public Health England guidance followed following a positive case reported; Guidance shared with Management

WLW Social Club and Team Managers















Social Distancing and Avoidance of Congestion

Signage provided to ensure people find their destination quickly and directly and highlighting Social Distancing guidelines


Frequent reviews of traffic flows to avoid congestion in including one-way systems for “pinch-points”


One way system in place (i.e. club house and on entry/exit of the ground) marked with appropriate social distancing markings.


Entry to the ground and clubhouse regulated to avoid overcrowding and congestion


Perimeter of pitch marked for supporters in accordance with social distancing guidelines


Single use doorways to avoid congestion


Limited use of toilet facilities to avoid congestion in confined spaces; toilet facilities cleaned regularly

WLW Social Club




Signage displayed highlighting social distancing guidelines


Car parking restrictions to avoid overcrowding and to account for social distancing entry/exit

WLW Social Club



Match day arrangements (see match day protocols)

Players, officials and opposing management provided with risk assessment and match day protocols prior to matches


Staggered arrival times for teams and officials to avoid congestion


Players of both teams asked to arrive at the venue in kit


Changing rooms for players and team management – these will not be open and therefore shower facilities not available


Changing rooms for match officials – these, along with shower facilities, are open to be used one at a time.


Team sheets will be provided electronically where possible


Team entry onto the pitch will be staggered to avoid congestion


Respect handshake is suspended


Water bottles to be named and not shared


Social distancing guidelines to be followed before, after and during breaks of play.  Additional seating to also be provided for management, coaching staff and substitutes.


Kit to be taken home and washed by those wearing it


Access to the stand is restricted; seating limited in accordance to social distancing guidelines


Equipment to be cleaned prior to use, half time and at the end of the match (balls, goal posts and corner flags)


Technical area to be extended in order to comply with social distancing guidelines


Official payments  will be made electronically where possible

WLW FC Team Managers



Visitors/players/supporters to the ground

Self assess for COVID 19 symptoms prior to leaving home.  If symptoms exist, follow government guidelines.  The person should not come to the ground.  (Player assessment form)


Spectator numbers restricted in accordance to current government and FA guidelines.  Those in attendance must adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times (see above)


Signage to be displayed on entry to the ground highlighting COVID 19 symptoms


Advance purchasing of season tickets encouraged

WLW FC Team Managers



1st Aid / Medical


Named 1st aider to be available at all matches and training and be provided with FA COVID 19 1st aid guidance. 


1st aider to be provided with and will wear appropriate PPE – following FA COVID 19 1st aid guidance


Medication for individual players should be named


Where possible, U18 players should be treated by parents.  Where this is not possible, 1st aider may attend to the injury.


Records to be kept of all 1st aid incidents

WLW FC Team Managers



NHS Test and Trace

Names and contact details will be taken of attendance and retained for 21 days (in line with government guidance)

WLW FC Team Managers



Youth participation (up to U18)

Written consent to be obtained from parents to participate in matches – (Player Consent form)


Safeguarding policy to be reviewed

WLW FC Team Managers




Those from the same household can travel together


If not from the same household:  hands should be washed immediately before entering and exiting the vehicle; face coverings must be worn; windows must be open for ventilation

WLW FC Team Managers



Communication of updated guidance

Updated guidance will be shared via social media and the club website

WLW Social Club, WLW FC Committee



Breaches of social distancing guidelines or increased risk of transmission

Those breaching social distancing guidelines or increasing the risk of transmission will be warned.  Should this persist, they will be asked to leave the ground.

COVID Officer



 Covid 19 Officer - Seniors - Gordon Ross- Details on Contact Page