Monthly Board Meeting Agenda




Eric Frank, Kathy Burnett, Helen Iannone, April Montes, Stephanie Blackman, Jamie Sousa, Robyn Callahan, Tracy Kenn,











Coaches- General Meeting-  Meeting started at 7:33 PM

·         By Laws

·         Voting on open Board positions

Open Board positions:


Head Referee -Ron Rock appointed

Concession Stand Director- Kevin Callahan appointed

Registrar –  Jen Giorgi appointed -- Colin Burns will still assist





Kathy-  11/20/19 next meeting at police station


Robyn- moving out front games to concession field when open


April - $30,529.90 final balance.  Motion to accept report and report accepted.


Jamie- Spring teams – looking into gym space for “practices” not necessarily games.  Has some tips and plans maybe for tryouts if anyone is interested.


Stephanie- please get your thank you notes sent to the team sponsor.


Tracy- preregistration is under way – about 130 so far.  Will send out a blast email.




General comments: 

Co-ed is going great. 

Girls ¾ teams are very lopsided. Maybe need to move players around

Reminder to coaches who have 9th graders – need name and sizes for sweatshirts.

Tryouts are this weekend- coaches please have your rosters submitted by Wednesday 10/23 at 8 PM.  Add assistant coach’s names to the roster please.

Tryouts- Girls- 10/19 Saturday,  Boys -10/20 Sunday


Continued with By Law updates





Voting on 9/25/19 results:

Highlighted coach is the coach that was selected


Girls 3/4 Team 1. Erin Robins - Amy Mahoney

Girls 3/4 Team 2.- - Colin Burns
Girls 3/4 Team 3.
Girls 3/4 Team 4.

Boys 3/4 Team 1. Jamie Sousa
Boys 3/4 Team 2. Bryan Davidson – withdraw nomination but willing to assist    James Cullity
Boy 3/4 Team 3.

Girls 5/6 Team 1. Meghan Fennessy  - Shawn Fitzgerald
Girls 5/6 Team 2.
Girls 5/6 Team 3.

Boys 5/6 Team 1. Stephanie MacKay
Boys 5/6 Team 2. Neil Donaghy

Girls 7/8 Team 1. Eric Frank - Greg Bell
– withdraw nomination
Girls 7/8 Team 2. Jason Tarr

Boys 7/8 Team 1. Steve Murray
Boys 7/8 Team 2. Amy Mahoney  - pending placement of son if playing

Girls 9/10 Team 1.

Boys 9/10 Team 1. Chuck Allen – withdraw nomination

Girls 11/12 Team 1. Shawn Fitzgerald

Boys 11/12 Team 1. Ron Rock