Important Information and Field Map

WHYS Families:

Attached please find a map of the Whitman Middle School fields that I hope you will find useful for game days. A few points to note:

- We are trying to control the flow of the players so they are not crossing each other when entering and exiting the field. So we have designated Player/Coach entrances and exits. (these are the green Player Enter on the map).

- Players should arrive before game time and line up at the Player Enter. (6ft apart and masks up of course). Your coaches should be giving you more detail on this.

- When Players Exit the field please go single file in a socially distant line.

- Spectator areas are designated by orange hashes on the map. Please ensure any spectators from previous games have cleared the area before you enter.

I know this will be tough for some, but only 1 spectator per player is allowed per the Mass Youth Soccer regulations. All spectators must have facial coverings. We are relying on all of you to help us meet these requirements.

Thank you for being a part of WHYS!

- Bryan Davidson

WYS Safety Officer