Minutes from September 2020 General & Coaches Meeting

Whitman Youth Soccer

Meeting Minutes



I. Call to order

Helen called to order the regular meeting of the WYS general meeting at 7:36 PM on

9/23/2020 at the K of C.

Board members present: Meghan, Kathy, Stephanie, Jerry, Helen, Shawn, Erin, Jamie,

James, Bryan

II. New business

a) Jamie will send out PDF for tryout drills for Grades 3/4 and up. Spring

tryouts are being held 10/3 and 10/4

b) Email Erin Robbins (GM) if you need to change practice time due to

daylight savings. Board will need to approve if there is a request to share a


c) Send Jerry Amado (wysheadref@gmail.com) any referee feedback that you

may have

d) Moving forward with the Smith/Fay family plaque for the fenced in field.

We were trying for a bench, but we will have a plaque made and a

ceremony at a date TBD.

e) Stephanie made a motion to present to the group the details of email sent

out in regards to the pilot program to combine Whitman and Hanson Grade

3/4 for the spring season. This motion passed but still needs to be approved

by Mass Youth Soccer. We also moved nominations of 3/4 coaches to

after tryouts and teams are made. Pepper to provide 3/4 contact info for

Hanson coaches to both Jamie and Meghan.

f) Finished Spring coach nominations and voted on coaches:

1st team Boys 5/6  -  Jamie Sousa

2nd team Boys 5/6

1st team Boys 7/8  - Stephanie MacKay

1st team Boys 9/10

1st team Boys 11/12 


1st team Girls 5/6 - Greg Bell

2nd team Girls 5/6- Colin Burns

1st team Girls 7/8 - Shawn Fitzgerald

2nd team Girls 7/8 - Jason Tarr

1st team Girls 9/10 – maybe Helen I??

1st team Girls 11/12- maybe Bob Healey


III. Adjournment

Helen adjourned the meeting at 8:36 PM.

Next meeting will be 10/21/2020 – place TBD