The Countdown Clock

The countdown clock is on, and the 92 teams in the Windmill tournament will be learning their bracket spots in the coming weeks. Which bracket teams are in will be based on their standings. This is how the tournament is shaping up so far.

  • Games will begin at 8:00 am Friday thru Sunday.
  • The U10 Mod will start at Riverside on Friday and finish on Saturday.
  • The U10 Machine pitch games begin at 5 pm on Friday at Riverside and finish on Saturday. 
  • There will be no games at Riverside on Sunday. 
  • The 10 USA will start at Riverside on Saturday but finish at Brandt on Sunday.
  • The 12's and 14's will be at Brandt throughout Friday and Saturday.  One 12 USA bracket will start Saturday and finish on Sunday.
  • The 8U Live and High School games begin Saturday and finish on Sunday.
  • All 8U Mach pitch games begin and end on Sunday.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.