2019 EOY Tournament Schedule


Last week when asked when the schedules for the tournament would be release our answer was soon but we want to avoid any re-seeding so we need to look whether the outcome of any games yet to be played will have an effect on the standings. That is an “as of” decision Barb and I will be making. Others may be wondering also so we posted this on FB and the website.

Well yesterday we had 11 makeup games reported and the outcomes changed the so called landscape for the tournament. The 10U MOD brackets are now under review. The review will take place early evening.


Please note update of your 10U Mach tournament bracket. The bracket was incomplete awaiting the results of games played on Monday, July 29. The website has been updated.


Tournament Brackets - Click on the Division to get the schedule for a given age group. 

Division 8U Machine Gold / Dk Purple