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2020 Baseball and Softball update


   First and foremost, all of us at Winsted Youth Baseball hope that everyone is safe and in good health.

WYB, along with the other area towns in our league, are at this time hoping that we may still be able to salvage a baseball and softball season. Of course, all will depend on what lies ahead. The unofficial cutoff date is May 15th. We feel we can squeeze in a season, albeit, one that may be just a bit shorter than in past years.

As far as refunds go if the season is cancelled, WYB will need to meet in how we are going to handle them. We realize that money may be tight at this time, but we are hoping that you can hold out a bit longer to see if the season will in fact, go on. If you do not feel comfortable with your child playing this season, you may request a refund. Again, how these are going to be handled is still up for discussion. Those who registered on line and before the late fee cut off date, will get a full refund minus the $1 processing fee. Those who registered, but had to pay a late fee, that also will be discussed by our board. However, if you were charged a multiple  late fee, ( you registered two or more children), you will only be charged a $25 fee one time. So if we play, you will be receiving a refund for any late fee after the initial $25. You may send your request to Joe Nichols @ jbkarjoe@sbcglobal.NET 

We will keep you posted as events happen. Please stay safe, STAY HOME, stay healthy. Thank you.

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