September 19, 2015

Woburn Pee Wee Football Association

Bullying, Cyber-bullying and Retaliation Prevention Policy

Woburn Pop Warner expects that all members of the organization will treat each other in a civil manner and with respect and appreciation for differences. The goal of Woburn Pop Warner is to ensure a safe, healthy, sustainable environment where all members are expected to be respectful and socially responsible.

Woburn Pop Warner is committed to providing all players, coaches, and staff with a safe
environment that is free from bullying and cyber-bulling. This commitment is an integral part of our comprehensive efforts to promote learning football, cheerleading, teamwork and good sportsmanship, and to prevent and eliminate all forms of bullying and other harmful and disruptive behavior that can impede the teaching process.

Woburn Pop Warner will not tolerate any unlawful or disruptive behavior, including any form of bulling, cyber-bullying or retaliation during practices, games and other WPW events. We will investigate promptly all reports and complaints of bullying, cyber bullying or retaliation, and take prompt action to end that behavior with participant being dropped from the program and restore a sense of safety for all involved. We will support commitment in all aspects of our program, from parents, players, coaches, volunteers and board members.

The Woburn Pop Warner Bullying Prevention and Intervention Policy is a comprehensive approach to addressing bullying and cyber-bullying. Every Woburn Board Member and Coach are committed to working with players, staff, families, the Woburn Police Department and other agencies and the community to prevent issues of violence.


We have established this policy for preventing, intervening and responding to incidents of bullying, cyber-bulling and retaliation. The Woburn Pop Warner Board of Directors will be responsible for the oversight of this policy.