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Welcome to WrestlingGear.com!

Our brand new secure site is here for all of your wrestling needs! Welcome back to our loyal customers, many who have been with us since we started way back in 1998. As one of the longest running online wrestling stores, we are proud to provide the best in customer service and wrestling products available anywhere.  WrestlingGear.Com is still owned and operated as a family business by Jeff and Nancy Pape. Let us know what you think - send us a note.

We select only the best wrestling shoes and wrestling gear from our suppliers and partners. It's that simple. All the equipment we offer is something we would wear or let our kids wear. Also, we recognize that in this economy we need to offer wrestling gear everyone can afford in addition to the high-end equipment. So we always try to stock a good, better, best option for all our customers.

Guaranteed New Wrestling Shoes

We specialize in wrestling shoes from all the top brands including adidas wrestling shoesASICS wrestling shoes and Nike wrestling shoes

We have a sizing recommendation for all wrestling shoes based on our experiences with each particular shoe. Trust our sizing recommendations - they are based on feedback from our employees, our online customers and our in store customers. Customers rarely return wrestling shoes when our sizing recommendations are followed. And don't worry if you order the wrong size, we have a Buy Wrestling Shoes Worry Free Program

Great Customer Service & Fast Shipping

Our goal at WrestlingGear.Com is to offer you the wrestling equipment and gear that you want and ship it to you as fast as we can. Most orders leave our warehouse within one business day of being placed (many even leave the same day). We're conveniently located in Chicago (near the airport), meaning you can get your wrestling gear quickly no matter where in the country you reside. We also take pride in offering both USPS and UPS as an option.  Do you live near our warehouse? Place an order for in store pick up and we will have it ready for you by 3:00 p.m for orders placed by noon. If you need an order faster, just give us a call at 800-565-0995. Unlike many online stores, we love to answer the phone and talk to you!