What Your Registration Fees Include?

Our mission is to provide your child with the most positive, the safest and most instructional youth sports program.

We learned that when comparing the level of equipment and goods we provide to our participants to other youth football organizations, other youth sport programs and other youth sports summer camps/clinics, there was no comparison, to what we provided, for the amount of time we provided it for.  Some summer camps cost as much a $375 or $500 for one week.  We are with your child from Mid-August to Mid-Movember, in addition to everything else we provide.

Our registration fees alleviate you from having to supply any extra out of pocket expenses for extra gear or equipment. We want you to be a parent enjoying the full fan experience or come volunteer and help us contribute to your child’s experience.

Your Registration Fees Include: 

Quality Volunteer Coaches & Staff
Our Coaches receive certified training by the Scarsdale Recreation Youth Football League. Head Coaches are provided CPR/First Aid Certification. Background Checks are completed for all Coaches, Staff and Volunteers by the league. 

Customized Game Jersey's
Your Child will get to select their reversible game jersey and will also be able to select the number they want to wear. See “Sneak Peek at the Game Jersey Your Child Will Keep” under Headline News on the home page. 

Top of the Line Equipment
The only thing you as a parent are responsible for purchasing for your child is football cleats and an athletic supporter/cup. We spare no expense in providing the safest and highest quality of equipment and apparel that's easy to care and maintain. From the top of the line helmets, hard cup chin straps, anti-microbial shoulder pads and protective back plates, to the machine washable/ dryer ready integrated football pants with the pads sewn in. We provide attire for the season for both practice and game wear and equipment, from football pants to practice jerseys. We encourage you to browse the Tiger Football Equipment section of our website which lists completely everything your child is supplied so that you will not need to shop for football specific apparel and equipment. 

Tiger Youth Football Player Playbooks
We have purchased football playbook software and each participant will be sent a playbook for their division, in a Adobe .PDF format, so that they can practice at home with Mom or Dad. 

Registration Gift
Two car magnets per participant. See Registration Gift under Headline News. 

"Players"  Awards Dinner
We will continue to have a pizza party with pasta dishes and beverages supplied to all participants and members of the families of participants, come one come all. Come celebrate the season with us with a DJ supplied for the kids dancing after dinner. 

Customized Trophy
Each participant will receive a trophy with a customized plate with their first and last name engraved. See sample picture at the top of the page from one of the prior years'.

We provide some of the highest limits available to cover our children in the event of accident or injury. See our website under, Insurance Certificates. 

Convienent Online Registration & Credit Card Payments
For your convenience we provide online registration and provide credit card payment options. Again, with time being a valuable commodity in today’s fast paced work/home environment, we’ve made it easy to register and pay conveniently, but in order to offer this convienence there are fees associated for processing credit card payments.

**Financial Scholarships are available**.  We are an all inclusize community youth organization and being such we don't want to see someone not register their child due to financial difficulty and challenges.  In a non-discriminatory manner we offer financial assistance and a discount program, based off of the very same Federal Guidelines that the City of White Plains Recreation and Parks utilizes.  See Scholarship Criteria under the Tiger Menu for more specifc details and how to apply. 
Pre-Super Bowl Game Meal
2010 was the first time we held this event.  It was a tremendous success.  Before the first ever SRYFL Super Bowl Games, we hosted a dinner for all of the tackle players and coaches only, at the Antonio Meucci Lodge in White Plains and had the event catered.  This is a tradition that will continue for future seasons.
"Friday Night Football Under the Lights"
We enjoyed many games under the lights at the White Plains high School, and will continue to do so if available to us, which there are fees associated with such.
We do have several initiatives to raise funds for additional training equipment apparatus, but we will be exploring corporate charitable contributions and grants. If you are interested in assisting us, you will find a sponsorship package under the Tiger Site Menu, “How To Be A Tiger Contributor” and “Sponsorship Package”. You can also email us at info@wptigersyouthfootball.com.