Return to Play Guidelines 9/11/2020


The world is currently experiencing a global pandemic known as COVID-19. According to the CDC, COVID-19 is a viral illness that can spread from person to person with close physical contact, encountering surfaces with the virus on it, and from respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks.

The purpose of this document is to compile and summarize pertinent information to support safe and appropriate training/play for players during the transition back to regular soccer activity.


In consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic, safety measures and precautions must be taken to return and resume soccer activities. YYSA has created and organized several resources on the reopening of facilities utilized by YYSA, returning to practice and play, and returning to training/play after illness.

YYSA is dedicated to supporting the training/play of soccer by the youth of the Yough community. This document will outline the expectations of players, coaches, and parents of YYSA. As well as, steps taken by the YYSA Board to ensure behaviors to reduce the spread, creating a healthy/safe environment, utilizing healthy operations, and preparing for illness.  

The guidance from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on the Green Phase still engages in mitigation strategies for COVID-19. Most businesses and programs will operate at a limited capacity upon entering the Green Phase. YYSA will be no different. As the Governor and Department of Health provide additional information beyond the initial opening, YYSA will also expand the opportunities for youth soccer.

This document does not replace the advice or direction of medical professionals. The risk of infection still exists. Until a vaccine or cure is developed, we must proceed cautiously. YYSA will continue to monitor and comply with direction form the Governor’s office, PA Department of Health, CDC or any other federal or local regulations.


·          · Player should not attend trainings or games if they have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 within the past fourteen days

·           · Wash with soap and water or use hand sanitizer during breaks in training and games and after training/games.

·           · Players are required to wear face covering upon arrival. Covering can be removed when entering the play field.


·          · Ensure equipment (shoes, ball, shin guards, etc.) are sanitized before and after each training/game

·           · Do not engage in handshaking, hugs, high fives, during training/games

·           · When not on the field, players and player’s equipment should be six feet from other players and equipment

·           · Promptly leave after training and matches

·           · Bring your own water bottle, do not share

·           · No snacks will be allowed at training/games

·           · Avoid carpooling

·           · Shower immediately upon returning home

·           · Strict adherence to schedule.


·           · Parents are to make sure your child is healthy and check his/her temperature before attending soccer practices and games

·           · Parents are to provide their child hand sanitizer for use after training/games when hand washing isn’t possible.

·           ·   EVERYONE AT THE EVENT IS REQUIRED to wear a face covering upon arrival and kept on while at the facility 

-          Face covering is to be worn over nose and mouth 

·           · Parents are to exit the field immediately after practice with their child/player.  If you need to speak with the coach, please communicate via text, email or phone conversation.  

·           · Parents are encouraged to stay in their vehicles during practice but If they need to be on the sidelines, please practice 6ft social distancing.  Also, parents (cleared or not) are not to assist the coaches during practice

·           · Parents are to wash their child's clothing after every practice and game and sanitize the child's equipment (ball, shin guards, cleats, goalie gloves, etc.)

·           · Parents are to notify the Club President if your child falls ill for any reason. 

·           · Parents, Coaches and Players are all in this together, please continue to be considerate and supportive during these trying times.



·           · Complete an attendance tracker for each training/game.

·           · Designate areas where players are to keep their equipment and go for social distance breaks (explaining must be kept 6ft apart, can't share equipment; ie. towels, drinks, balls, snacks, shin guards, etc)

·          · Coaches are required to wear face coverings at all times.

·           · Explain to players that they are responsible for their equipment only.  The coach will take responsibility of his/her equipment (cones, coach's nets, balls, ladders, etc)  

·           · Explain to parents that they should stay in their vehicles while practice is in session or 6ft apart if they must be on the field to watch practice.  Parents, background cleared or not should not assist in practice

·          · The coaches will hold to their practice time.  This allows players to exit field in a social distance manner.  

·           · Coaches can use pinnies but pinnies should not be worn by a player then given to another player without first properly cleaning it. All pinnies will need washed after training/games when used.



    · Restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized daily.

·           · No snacks will be allowed at games on the team bench

·           · Spectators will be encouraged to social distance and wear of masks 

·           · Concession stand will only sell pre-packaged items, (ie: candy, muffins, soda, etc.)

·           · Place 30 minutes between end/start of consecutive games to allow teams to leave the facility before next group of teams arrive to prevent non-social distancing.


COVID Positive Response

·           · Coaches will be required to complete an attendance tracker for each practice & game

·           · In the event a person is identified as Covid 19 positive:

1.       Parent/Guardian must notify Club admin immediately

2.       Notice must be sent to

3.       Head will be notified and must submit attendance tracker so everyone can be notified

4.       Name of the infected person shall not be revealed.

5.       This team will go into quarantine following CDC and PA Department of Health guidelines from YYSA Facilities and will not participate in team activities and follow CDC guidelines for self-quarantining for possible COVID-19 exposure.

6.       YYSA will close facility until deep cleaning is completed and allow for contact to all possible exposures by Head Coach and YYSA Administrators. Once facility is deemed clean, we’ll re-open to all teams unaffected.


Additional Resources

County Health Department contact numbers are: 814-765-0542 or 1-877-PA-Health (1-877-724-3258). The number answers 24 hours, however the best time to contact them to speak with a nurse would be between 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM. Website at: