New YHS Stadium Rules for JAAF


New Yucaipa High School Stadium Rules


For Junior All American Football

#1- No Sunflower Seeds or Nuts with Shells

#2- No Coolers allowed into the Stadium

#3- No Ez-E Ups On the Track only on the turf

#4- No Parking on Basketball Courts, in

the Snack Bar area, Behind the Bleachers

or Near Stadium Bleachers

#5- All Players and Coaches Will Enter Thru

Home Side Entrance, Players Need to Stay

On Black Rug (No Cleats On Track) Coaches

Must Show Badge to Security in Order to 

Have Access to the field

#6- No Food or Drinks On the Field (Water Only)

#7 No outside food or drinks allowed in the stadium.



Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.