Date(s) Tournament Location Contact Info
2/3/2019 Crestview HS (Columbiana) Columbiana HS Finished 3rd out of 9
2/16/2019 The Edge The Edge Finished 3rd out of 16!
3/9/2019 Cloverleaf Rec Center Cloverleaf Recreation Center Finished 3rd out of 16
3/30/2019 - 3/31/2019 Regional Challenge All Pro Spirit Elyria Finished 11th out of 15.
4/6/2019 Eastside Cle Eastside Volleyball Club Finished 3rd out of 16!
4/20/2019 RubberCitySports Goodyear Hall at the East End Finished 2nd out of 8!
5/11/2019 OVR Regional Championships Greater Columbus Convention Center Finished 11th overall (3rd in Silver)

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