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2015 Playoffs

Date(s):   9/12/2015
Contact Info:

General Information Tiebreakers 1:45 pm (in case of a 3 way tie for the pool lead)

Tiebreakers are one inning, runner starting on 2nd. Batting order must consist of one woman batting per two men until all women have batted. That is, something like this: MMFMMFMMFMMMM..

Each team will play one tie breaker inning against the other two teams in the same order as the pool play. If this does not resolve things, we will use seeding to break ties.

Winner A vs 2nd B at James Edward 2:15 pm (14:15)
Winner B vs 2nd A at Featherson 2:15 pm (14:15)

Winners at James Edward 3:45 pm (15:45)

Venue Information and Directions

Featherstone and Elson (northeast of Steeles and McCowan)

0 James Edward Drive, Markham, ON