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This can occur for the following reasons:
  • You visited another LeagueLineup web site after you've logged into the admin section.   For security reasons you are logged out of the admin section when you visit another LeagueLineup site
  • You've been away from your site or have been on one page for a period of time greater than 20 minutes. Please make sure to save changes more frequently.

Please return to your home page and login to the administration section again.  If you continue to have a problem, please check to make sure your browser is set to "Verify Documents Every Time".

To set your browser to "Verify Documents Every Time" follow the appropriate menu path for the browser you're using:
Netscape: Options Menu->Network Preferences->Cache Tab->Verify Documents.

Internet Explorer/AOL: View Menu option->Internet Options->Temporary Internet Files->Settings Button->'Check for newer versions of Stored Pages'->Every Visit.

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