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Upcoming Dates:



5/13 - 5/18 - End of Season Tournament       (brackets TBD)


5/18 - Closing Ceremonies

Snack Schedule

Snack schedule is located in the SNACK SCHEDULE section to the left. 

We have ONE opening at this time.  We will also have a MST (Double elimination) and a EST (single elimination), volunteers will be needed.

 Please note we have a strawberry and lactose allergy on our team!

Trash Duty Schedule

March 21, 2013 – 08:00 PM


On the updated schedule, the below date is now given to another team.  Stay tuned to see if it gets updated again.

We have trash duty after our 8:00 game on March 21.  We are responsible for fields 6,7,8, and the concession area.

If we work together, we can get this done quickly so the kids won't have to be there too much later after their game. 

Parent/Team Duties

Here are the duties for the Season.

Parent/Team Duties
Team Duties and Field Duties/Trash Duty

Your team duties will include the following, but not limited to:

Empty trash bags that are ½ or more full and replace with another trash bag. Get the bag from a board member on duty or the concession stands. Place trash bags by the trash cans for pick up by a board member.

Check the dugouts, Score booth area, and stands for trash as well as the playground. Please place any trash you find in the trash bags. Pick up trash around play scape and complex.

It is the manager’s responsibility to get team parents to fulfill team duties that include field maintenance (trash) duty. If these duties are not covered, the manager will be reported to the commissioner and will face disciplinary action, i.e. Manager being suspended for one game and potentially forfeiting their next game. The Board of Directors looks to all parents and players to take an active role in maintaining and supporting the league and the facilities. Players must clean-up dugouts after all games and practices.

Home team is responsible for keeping the official score book.

Visiting team is responsible for working the scoreboard and cleaning up score booth area after every game, even if you did not sit in the booth (straighten up and throw away trash). If score booth area is not cleaned, team will be subject to forfeit of current game or next game. If you enter the score booth area for your game and it is not clean, report this to the board member on duty. Remember no unsupervised children allowed in score booth area.

All teams are responsible for cleaning up dugouts and stands (games or practices). If a Board Member on Duty hands you a replacement trash bag or leaves one on the dugout, please pull the trash bags out of all trash cans on your side of the field (dug out and stands), tie them and leave them by the trash can. If the trash is not pulled when bags have been left, the team will forfeit the current game or the next game if current game was a loss. If a Board Member does not hand you a trash bag or leave one on the dugout, do not pull the trash bags.

Help where you see the need!