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  • SVP se présenter 15 minutes avant un entraînement et 45 minutes avant un match.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to a training and 45 minutes prior to a game.
  • SVP Notification par couriel 24h à l'avance en cas d'absence.
  • Envoyer un texte le jour de l'événement pour les changements de dernière minute.
  • Please notify 24hrs by email in case of absence. Send a text the day of event for last minute change


TeamSnap registration and availability notices

May 13, 2016

Good day to all parents and players,

If you are on this distribution list, let me know if there is a number/email to add/remove.
I hope everybody has downloaded and installed the TeamSnap application onto their mobile device.

All players have registered (except Liam), and all parents have been invited.
Either you will be under your player's secondary email, or you have created your own account with accessability rights to your son's account.
If you have a small problem logging on, this is not new, SEND ME a message by text and we will resolve it with the administrator.

The activities are constantly being updated. You should be reviewing your attendance tool for each event on a monthly/weekly basis. If for some reason you do not click your availability, you will be sent a reminder 24-48hrs before the event.

If you should click NO or MAYBE, please include a small note the reason for your absence.

This will help the practice/game plan with the number of players in attendance.

Reminder practice is scheduled for tonight at PCHS 19h15, and game at Ile-Bizard 12h00.
Those are the times to show up at the field dressed and ready for warmup.


May 6, 2016
Good day to MU17A players and parents,
as notified earlier via text,
Congratulations on making the final roster of the 2016 summer competitive MU17A Pierrefonds Cobras.

The season starts next week.  Therefore there are a lot of tasks to take care of to ensure that we are ready.

Please follow the link above complete the Affiliation form.
At this point, please process electronic payment. $305 by cc.
Print the form and sign it.  I will collect the forms at practice this Saturday at 18h00.
If you can not be present, submit it to a team mate who will be going to Grier

Players, please help out your parents with the online registration (ie enter the info and print)...up until the payment information.

We will be using the TeamSnap mobile application to track player attendance .
If you have received an invitation, accept/register and download the app.
Also indicate the player attendance for each event.

Transportation: if any player needs transportation to any event, please use this email list to ask first.  Somebody will be more than glad to help out.

Parents, there will be additional team fees.
If there are any fundraiser (or not) ideas please advise.
If there are any sponsors to support our minor soccer team please advise.

Anyways, if you have any comments or issues, please submit them in writing anytime.

Thank you and have a great season.

MU17A Final Roster Summer 2016

May 5, 2016
MU17A Final Roster:
Good day to all,
Congratulations to all the players on this distribution list that are on the 2016 MU17A Pierrefonds Cobras.
You will be receiving an invitation to download the app TeamSnap.
It is an attendance tool to track all activities.  
The full roster is listed.
Our next training session will be 
Saturday May 7,
At Grier arrive for 17h45pm
Please follow the instructions to register for the Competitive summer 2016 registration U9-U18A/AA/AAA via
Please register, pay online by credit card and then print your affiliation form and sign.  For Saturday (register/pay/print/sign)
The season starts next weekend.  Those that do not register/pay/activate their passport will be blocked from the game sheet.
Thanks Phil.

Written notification for absences

April 25, 2016
Good day MU17A Academy players and parents.
For all players on this distribution list please arrive at 19h30.
If you can not attend, please send a written notification to:
Our next training session:
Tuesday, April 26, 19h45-21h15
Grier Parc SYNTH
4600, des Cageux, Pierrefonds, H9J 3R4
For all training sessions, please arrive 15mins before the start.


Cobra Notes

Please save the following link.
The calendar tab will list all activities.

If you can not attend please advise 24hrs by email to both: and
If you can not attend the day of event send text to both: (DB) 514-917-9279 and (PW) 514-909-1643

Please note that all league games are posted on our team site (calendar tab).
The practices/activities that are POSTPONED IN RED, are planned, but are yet to be approved by the field coordinator.
Once approved, the field location and time will be posted.

Arrival Times: 15 mins before a practice, 45mins before a game.
We are moving up the game day arrival times by 10 mins since it takes the players time to prepare into their gear.
The 45 minutes is required for the warmup, stretching, lineup/equipment check and pre-game meeting.
Thank you to those that have the courtesy to advise of absents and lates. 

Please bring both your Blue and White jerseys to all games.
Please note that, for League games, the Home team wears their primary jerseys (our case it is blue).  We will advise when our team is visiting to prepare to use the white jerseys.  On that note, again some referees will not allow long sleeve compression shirts that do not match the royal blue or white specific jerseys.

Please note that for those players with corrective lenses:
Seules les lunettes de sport sont acceptées et seulement si elles ne représentent aucun danger tant pour le joueur qui les portent que pour les autres joueurs. Des lunettes composées de matériaux tels que le métal ou la vitre ne sont pas acceptées.