I would like to welcome you to 29 Elite Academy- Basketball AAU Program. Our main goal is to ensure that all participants, the athletes playing, the coaches teaching fundamentals and the parents watching the games enjoy themselves and have fun.  We are a program that stresses character values in a positive atmosphere. 29 Elite Academy is not just another basketball organization, we have a mission, vision and characteristics we strive to achieve. Academics is an equally important aspect of our organization in the development of our players. Fulfilling each player's dreams and aspirations can only be reached with a solid educational foundation. For our organization, school and academic achievement is a major component of our player development process. Sportsmanship, mental toughness, nutrition and self-confidence are all part of what we work to teach our athletes. Additionally, our coaches will be certified with USA Basketball to give our players the  instruction of Player Development Curriculum. Prior to the start of the season we would like to get all of the housekeeping issues listed below completed as soon as possible.  There are a few things needed but once completed we will not have to bother you throughout the season trying to get these items!


• Every player needs an AAU card to be eligible to play in AAU sanctioned events.  Our Club Code is WWF7D8.  Please go to and click “Join AAU”, then click “Get a Membership”, then select “Youth Athlete Membership”, fill out and complete the registration form. You must select the athlete membership with added benefits which costs $16 or the regular $14 card which is both fine. That will give complete tournament and insurance coverage to all players.


• We need a copy of everyone's AAU card, birth certificate and report card (the most recent one you have).  These items are needed to prove your child’s age and grade to AAU for state, regional and national events.  Without them, a player will not be allowed to participate in those events. Please give all these articles to your child’s coach as they will be safely stored and kept.


• Payment in full is due before the first practice to be eligible to participate in all events, practices and tournaments (please make checks out to 29 Elite Academy).


• Parents are responsible for getting their child to and from each tournament. It’s also the parent’s responsibility to arrange and cover any costs that could arise from tournaments that require lodging. The coaches can help coordinate carpooling/lodging with players on their respective teams whose families won’t be traveling to tournaments outside the area.


• No position or playing time is guaranteed


• All paperwork and articles listed must be completed and turned in before the first practice (You can turn all items into your child’s coach).


Sponsored by AAU Certified Club

AAU Certified Club: WWF7D8


If you need assistance with our team app for Apple or Android running operating system,

please see any of our Coaching Staff or Team Parent.