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Still Spots available!!!

We've had a great 2 weeks of camp and invite others to join us on our quest to improve at hitting, pitching, fielding and overall speed!  Camp is open to 9-18 year old players looking to enhance their baseball skills while working with some of the top instructors from around our state. 

Guest Speaker at Developmental Camp!!!


Dillon Lawson, hitting coach for the University of Missouri Tigers, is scheduled to attend the 5 Star Developmental Camp on Wednesday Nov. 22.  He will be speaking on the approach to hitting while also running thru drills with the players.  Lawson is in his 2nd year at Missouri and has served as an assistant at Morehead State, Southeast Missouri State and was a minor league hitting coach with the Houston Astros. During Coach Lawsons time as a hitting coach he has lead multiple offenses to top 10 NCAA rankings in runs scored, avg. runs per game, home runs, stolen bases, on-base percentage and walks.

5 Tool Developmental Camp


When: Sept 5 thru Jan 27

            Sept/Oct      2x a week Tuesday and Thursdays

            Nov/Dec/Jan   3x a week Tuesday, Thursday and either a Saturday or Sunday (Except on Holidays)

Time: 7pm-8:30pm 

          TBD on wkend days

What: Camp working on Player Development with former D1 and/or Professional Baseball Players

                   Patrick Cooper (Bradley University and Detroit Tigers)

                   Duran Elmore (Morehead State and United Shore Professional League)

                   Wes Wilson (Indiana University and New York Yankees)

                   Blake Perry (Seattle Mariners)

                   Kelvin Turner (Speed training, former D1 football player Marshall/EKU)

                   Jacob Bodner (Xavier University and Kansas City Royals) Guest Instructor

                  More names to come!!!

Where: Morse Baseball Academy

Cost: $750 for Mustang Players ($250 deposit $100 monthly payments)

          $950 for Non-Mustang Players ($250 deposit $140 monthly payments)


For this low cost you get 53 Developmental Days you can attend which equals 78.5 hours of training.  On top of this, all players who take part in the camp get a FREE Memership to the Academy till Sept 1st of 2018 after their camp is paid in full. If you think of this in terms of doing 78 hours in lessons a year plus getting a membership that would cost you nearly $4,000!


Don't miss out on this great opportunity, spots are limited!!!


To sign up call or text Josh Loughry at 859-797-1876

5 Tools of Baseball (For Middle School and High School Players)


Everyone knows the 5 tools of baseball (Speed, Arm Strength, Fielding, Hitting for Average, Hitting for Power) and while we work on improving in all of those areas, the 5 Tool Developmental Camp is designed to go a step further.  There are very few actual 5 Tool players in the MLB, so we asked ourselves what are the 5 Tools an amateur player needs to get to the next level, whether that be starting for the HS team, getting a college scholarship or maybe one day being drafted.  Our camp is designed to work on:


Core Strength/Speed: These 2 things work hand in hand in getting a player to their optimal level.  We will work to strengthen the core of our body while also working on proper running techniques to improve the all important "60" time.


Hitting, Fielding, Throwing: We will continue to develop all 3 phases of our game by improving upon our mechanics and our technique. While also improving by getting in highly focused and high quality reps weekly.


Baseball IQ: Even though listed last, this is what I have found to be most important in middle school and high school players.  This 1 tool alone is what separates most individuals as they get older.  It is very easy to dominate this game from a young age till you are around 14-15 years old simply by being bigger, faster, stronger than everyone else. By the time you are in that 16-17 year old range most everyone around country has matured and now the players with higher Baseball IQ's start to move their way to the front of the pack. 

Baseball IQ: What does it really refer to?


As a coach I use the term Baseball IQ almost daily with players, parents and other coaches I talk with.  When I use that term I'm not simply stating a players knowledge of the basic rules of the game or their understanding of how to keep stats.  No, I am referring to something that goes much deeper.  These are questions you should ask yourself as a player and things you should continue to work to improve upon.


Hitting:  Do you understand your swing?

             What type of offensive player are you? (i.e. are you run producer or a small ball guy)

             Do you understand the strikezone and your best hitting zones?

             Do you understand hitting situations and what is trying to be accomplished in a particular at-bat?

            Do you understand how a pitcher is pitching you?

            Are you hunting fastballs?


Fielding: Do you know where to be when the ball is hit?

               Do you know the score and the current objective on who to get out?

               Are you positioning yourself defensively based on where in the lineup we are and what player did last at-bat?

              Are you communicating between outs with your other fielders and your pitcher?


Pitchers:  Do you know why you are throwing certain pitches in certain counts?

                Do you know where you are at in the batting order?

                Do you know how to take away the run game without having to pick over?

                Do  you know where to go on a ball put in play?

                Do you know what the count is and how to set up your next pitch?


Baserunning:  Are you getting a read on the pitcher?

                      Have you paid attention to pitcher pick off?

                     Do you know how to go 1st to 3rd on base hit?

                     Are you checking outfielders depth and current positioning?

                     Can you score from 2nd on a base hit?

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