We have begun planning for the 2020 Fall Soccer Season.

With the current Corona restrictions, there are several factors that will determine if we will have a fall season.


1. We need to know if we have enough players interested in participating. (Currently 189 Registered)

2. NC High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) guidelines. (No School Sports prior to September 1)

3. NC Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) guidelines. (Required continued social distancing and the wearing of masks when social distancing is not practical)

4. Camden County Social Distancing guidelines. (Comply with NCDHHS guidelines)

5. The status of school re-openings. (Camden Schools will begin the year using Distance Learning only.  ECPPS Schools will be using a hybrid Distance/In-Person plan to begin the school year)

Based on the above, We have delayed beginning any Fall Soccer activities until at least September 1st.

We will update the website as the situation changes.


IF you would like to participate this fall, please use the On-line Soccer Player Registration form.

Please do not pay registration fees at this time. If we have enough interest and can put a season together, we will collect the fees before we select the teams.