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 We are so happy to announce that we will be reopening Starting August 31st!

Things will be different as we now have a lot of rules. Together I believe we can return to a bit of normal and get the kids back on the field! It is very important you read everything here and help us follow all these guidelines! These were sent and approved to the City of Homestead. I have added on notes to clarify!

Safety precautions:

 ·  Allow only one entrance to the fields (We will use the entrance that is across from the football fields, the entrance with the statue and the back fields entrance will be roped off)

·  Temperature checks before entering – anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or above must be retested after a 5 minute period and if temperature remains the same or rises will not be allowed on premises

·  Provide hand sanitizer prior to entering fields – will also have available near concession stand

·  Provide every coach with sanitizer that they must keep with them for each practice

 ·  Coaches must wear masks (if you are running drills and far enough away from the kids you may take the mask off) 

·  Parents must wear masks 

·  Players, coaches & parents will be sent home if they are not feeling well or have flu like symptoms

 ·  One parent per child and they must maintain 6ft apart from other parents (We will allow mom and Dad (guardians) we need to keep spectators at a minimum for the time being so please refrain from inviting Grandparents, Aunts and uncles etc...)

·  Bleachers will be off limits

           ·  Any shared equipment will be sanitized between uses 

 ·  Age group 4-5 year olds will be broken up in groups of 5 with 2 coaches 

  ·  All other age groups will be broken up into groups of 9 kids with 1 coach

  ·  Players will maintain social distancing of 6 feet

  ·  Prior to starting we will go in and sanitize all equipment and the concession stand

 ·  Each player will be required to have their own helmet (we will have helmets for sale the first day)

 ·  Each player has his/her own water bottle no sharing allowed

 ·  If a player, coach or parent tests positive for COVID 19 they must notify Michele (President) and quarantine for 14 days as required by the CDC and get retested. They must test negative to be able to return to the fields (your identity will be kept private)

·  Dugouts will not be available for use 

·  Players must wear a mask when not in play (when they are entering/leaving the playing field 

 ·  At this time, No games will be allowed. Once city clears games, a new plan will be submitted for approval

 ·  Only non-contact drills allowed; simulated game play not allowed

  ·  Parents must stay with their children they can not be dropped off (this will help us maintain who is at the park and not continually check you back into the fields)


Concession Stand precautions:

 ·  Prior to season – concession stand will be cleaned and sanitized

 ·  Concession stand will be sanitized daily when in use

 ·  All concession stand attendants must wear a face mask/buff and gloves

·  Concession stand will have prepackaged food/snacks, beverages available.

 ·  Contactless payment optionscash will still be accepted

 ·  Social distancing markers will be placed on the ground in front of the stand

·         Concession stand will not be open until we install plexi glass, we will have a cooler outside with water and gatorade for purchase. 

Restroom facilities:

·  All high area touch points will be wiped and sanitized every 30 minutes

·  City of Homestead will clean restrooms weekly and restock items as necessary

 ·  Homestead Little League is responsible for daily cleaning and sanitizing of restrooms


* For now the season will be run like clinics (practices) just in smaller groups. Many of our coaches are returning this season. Coaches will be able to work with kids they had in the spring. Everyone MUST be registered!! Registration is ONLINE ONLY!! No exceptions. The code COVID19 is still valid for $50 off 

Practices start at 6, for right now the city will not turn on the lights (I know it makes no sense! We just have to go with it!) 

We will let you know which coach you will be with on your first day. (to help us organize PLEASE sign up early!!)

Monday and Wednesdays will be 9-14 (minors and majors) 

Tuesday and Thursdays will be 4-8 (Tball and Rookies)

Coaches may change their schedule after the first week depending on field availability AFTER the first week. 

Kids can wear practice clothes, shirts and hat will be ordered when everything is finalized. We still strongly advise tball parents not to let your kids bring their own bat for safety reasons. If they must bring it please make sure they do not share and keep it in their baseball bag until they need it! 

I hope this email answers all the questions you have, if not please feel free to email me! 

Thank You and Hope to see you all soon! 





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For more information please check us out on Facebook. The New Homestead Little League want to thank everyone involved in making this a fantastic year with a great beginning! We are excited and hope to see all players improve their skills and learn baseball technique from the best. We on the board are here to work with you and your players to make it the best year in Little League ever! We are all on the winning team! There is no better baseball than the New Homestead Little League. 






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