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We Will Come together and make a Difference!!

  Come be a part of the 2016



I.E. Dolpins


Now with AAU

A4U Youth Sports League 

We are proud to have the opportunity to make a difference and bring more opportunities to the children in our community and their families.

Family Comes First!!

 The Generals offer Youth Football and Cheer programs "tackle" football and "cheer" programs for children ages 5-14. we also have an Elite Team opportunity for 15/16



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1 @ Rookie 




1 @ Freshman




 1 @ Sophomore 




 1@ JV




1 @ Varsity 


Coming Soon ELITE




** Rookie Tackle (ONLY); a child's age on July 31 is his/her age for the season

*** Tackle (Freshman, Sophomore, JV, Varsity); a child's age on July 31 is his/her age for the season


 Registration Fees Include

*League Fundraiser to assist with conference player membership fee and league fees.



Game Jersey(Player Keeps)

Spirit Shirt(Player Keeps)

Socks(Player Keeps)

Games Pants*

Practice Pants*

Shoulder Pads*


Year EndTrophy (Player Keeps)

Facilities Use Fee's

* asterisk items are the property of ALL4URCC and must be returned at the end of the season.

Player is responsible for cleats, mouth piece and girdle with a soft cup.  



Shell (Player Keeps)

Skirt(Player Keeps)

Briefs(Player Keeps)

BodyLiner(Player Keeps)

Socks(Player Keeps)

Shoes (Player Keeps) 

Bow(Player Keeps)

Spirit Shirt(Player Keeps)

Spirit Shorts(Player Keeps) 

Year End Trophy(Player Keeps)

Pom Pom's (Player Keeps) 

Facility Use Fee's 

*No other out of pocket cheer expenses, except for hair piece and  optional off season competition fee's*




February 6, 2014


The I.E.

Welcomes the Riverside County Youth Football &

Cheer/Drill Team/Special Teams (STEP) and Drum line

HERE in the Inland Empire

The Next Level of Competition!!!

Now under I.E. Dolphins


REGISTRATION and CERTIFICATION for the "A4UYSL  Passing League" & "TACKLE" and  A4UYSL"CHEER" --

contact us for more information--

OUR Certification will be COMING SOON!!!!!!, here in Riverside, CA on TBA


DAYS TO BE NOTICED..............





Bringing Back the Drum Line & Dance 

ages 5-18

Music is a strong part and value in all types of cultures. From the Far East to the Middle East, and everything in between. It changes instruments, genres, implements, voicing, and even meaning! However it’s always present, and it’s always a part of every culture! 

So while things happen to change up bit by bit through different cultures, something is always consistently present in this equation that we call music. What is it you may ask? It’s the musician, the person whom uses their body and mind to create rhythm, melody, harmony, and passion all at one time. They use a variety of strings, drums, hands, sticks, air, energy, and movement to create what I love to call the “universal language” of the earth. 

Different people speak different languages, but anyone with a working mind and ear can hear music. While lyrics may be in a different language, the mood and theme of the music can be “felt”. Lets say you are at a concert, but in a different country, and you don’t speak the language, nor do you play any instruments. A person singing about struggling in a hard world may be hard to understand in the different language, but you most certainly can see the emotion on a person’s face, you can see the effect of the ensemble through that emotion they are “portraying”, and you can look at the audience next to you. Chances are that someone could be literate in a language you don’t speak, and their mood or even dance can describe what is going down. While reading this I sincerely hope this makes sense to you, and you can picture this happening to yourself, but did you ask yourself how you could come up with this assumption? How did I understand what is going on with this music while not knowing the language? How did I know what these people were trying to accomplish?

The simple answer to that is reading body language. You can read the expressions off of people, and you can hear how the music backs and supports that emotion. Now anyone is capable of doing so, and it’s not hard to do at all. You see it, you hear it, you process it, and you can understand it. That is all based off the assumption of hearing music, and not playing any instruments, and while not knowing the language. With that said, how do you suppose it would change under knowing music down to a science? How does that affect anything at all, and why would it make a difference? That person doesn’t speak the language, and they are in a different country, how are they better equipped to handle themselves better? 


That is why we are working together to bring music and dance back to our youth in our football programs.. giving  our children the opportunity to experience to express and develop their talents...


Check out what can be accomplished: building


You will not want to miss this!!!