August 19, 2018

                                                2018 Amanda Flanagan Memorial Softball Tournament 


1. It is a FUN tournament.

2. Submit a copy of your batting order to the umpire before starting the game.

3. All round robin games will be determined by "flip of coin" for Home game.

4. All games are to be 6 inning games or 1 hour and 45 minutes time limit.

5. Runs per innings - 5 runs (Expect inning 5th and 6th inning which be open innings). There will be a 15 run rule after 3 innings and a 10 run after 5.

6. All players on the roster list will be put in the batting line-up. In case of injury during the game, the player will no longer play in the game. The following player will fall into her place on the line-up and so on so forth. ( ex. Player #8 gets injured - can not player : player #9 takes her spot and so on so forth)

7. All players can rotate their positions in any inning.

8. All games being won by 8 runs or more will be marked as a +7 (win team), -7 (losing team).

9. The games will end at the top of the 6th inning if home team is winning. The home team will not have there at bat.

 10. At the end of each game, the coaches are to compare and confirm there scores of the game. We NEED the coaches to communicate there scores to a tournament co-ordinator as the game is done so we can have all official scores.  (You can always find someone at the BBQ tent.)

11. There will be no in field warm-ups (to keep schedule on time) 

12. Registration fee HAS to be paid (no exception) before your first game on Saturday morning - there will be a registration tent in the middle of the fields.  Registration is $350.00 we take cash or cheque (to be paid to - Moncton Raven Fastpitch)



PS- There has been issues in the past about the pitching mounds on the fields. Sadly, we've put requests in about shaving them down , but  there is nothing they can do. We apologize in advance.

If anyone has ANY questions at all please send them to your coaches or managers and they can communicate with a tournament co-ordinator about them.

Lastly , please keep the most important rule in mind - #1. THIS IS A FUN TOURNAMENT!! 


 Nicky ( Lead tournament co-ordinator )  


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