• Registration Closes May 24, 2019

Welcome to Airdrie CO-ED Doubles Beach Volleyball

Location: Chinook Winds Regional Park Airdrie 

Address: 2853 Chinook Winds Drive SW, Airdrie AB T0M 0E0



$100.00 per Team 

E-transfer to airdriebeachvolleyball@gmail.com

Please include: Full Name, Team Name, and email address. 


Choosing a Tier


Tier 1: The highest level of intramurals competitive play, Fast level of play, If you have been playing volleyball for years  

Tier 2: The mid-level of intramurals competitive play, If you have played volleyball before, moderate to a high level of skill.

Tier 3: The lower level of intramurals competitive play, if you are newer to volleyball, low to moderate level of skill.


Pre Registration Spares/ Individuals 

1. Send an email to airdriebeachvolleyball@gmail.com  with your name and tier level of play you wish to play in. 

2. We will contact you with a date for an "individuals" game/s so you can meet and play with other individuals to form a team.

3. Make sure to email right away as registration is closed May 24.

4. If you still don't have a team/ were unable to attend the individuals game, we will randomly match individuals up within the chosen tier.


Important Information

1. All Players must be 18 years of age or older 

2. For the first year, any of the following combinations will be allowed for doubles: Woman:Man, Woman:Woman, Man:Man 

3. Games will be on Wednesday's each week with a 7pm start/ 8pm start/ 9pm start 

4. The  League season will be from June 5th to August 21. With Playoffs August 28- August 31.

5. For league play your team will play two separate 30-minute games a night.  Each game will consist of 2 sets: 

     Set 1: First team to 21 points (Cap 21)

     Set 2: First team to 21 points (Cap 21)

6. You do not need to win by two points, If time runs out and the teams are left in a tie, they will play one more point to determine a winner.  



1. Only the Captain will need to register the team. 

2. Create a profile by clicking the login button and choose create an account.

3. you will need your teammates' birthdates, and address to register

4. create a participant profile for each of your teammates (subs if you have any)

5. E-Transfer the payment and your registration will be complete 


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