Your Guide to Sending Wine to China

We all love exchanging gifts with our loved ones, and with the world coming closer day by day, thanks to our technological advancements in the field of logistics, the distance doesn’t matter anymore. What better gift to send to your loved one than the famous Australian wine? Before we get to the “How’s” of sending wine to China through a China online wine shop, let us get to know a little bit about the Australian wine.


Grapes were not native to Australia and Vine cuttings were brought into the country by the early settlers during the late 1700s. By the early 1800s wine was first produced for commercial sale after many failed attempts at cultivation due to unfamiliar Australian Climate. Since then Australia has rapidly become a world leader in the wine industry boosting its economy, exports and tourism. Wine is produced in all the states, each state producing different variety of wine owing to the variation in climate, topography and soil types. There are about 130 varieties of grapes used by commercial winemakers.


Australia exports wine to majority parts of the world, mainly Europe and North America. Therefore transporting wine anywhere around the world has been made convenient. If you wish, for instance, transporting intoxicant to China, you need to know the custom regulations regarding wine imports in China.

When shipping wine internationally, there are certain guidelines to be followed irrespective of the country it is being sent. This includes the commercial invoice stating clear information regarding the quantity, county of origin, type of wine, percentage of alcohol by volume, value of each unit, total value of consignment and the purpose of sending wine, either ‘personal use, or as a ‘gift’. Also the taxes and duties need to be taken care of at the time of shipping.


In case of delivering alcohol to China, it is advised to send through a courier company which provides tracking and insurance, as the bottles may get damaged in transit. However, if packed properly, such as with bubble wrap and securely placed in a box, damage can be prevented.

Six 750ml bottles are considered a reasonable quantity for personal use, when sending booze to China.


Due to the massive popularity and demand of Australian wine, the Australia Post offers wine deliveries across Australia and internationally. Get in touch with their customer service executives for further information.


Another method to send wine to China or any other country for that matter is through the online wine retailers. Just sit back in the comfort of your home and save the hassle of even purchasing and dropping the bottles at the Courier’s.




With the ever increasing popularity and modest pricing, the Australian wine can be a perfect gift for your loved one. We discussed sending wine to China through various options such as a courier company, the Australia Post and via an online wine retailer which would deliver the best wine at your door steps anywhere across the world. Just make sure the packing is secure and the documentation is in order. Insurance would be a great addition in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

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