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  • Firecraker Champs and Mass D NIT Champs lets keep it rolling boys !!
  • Thanks again to our sponsor Phil Patanjo
  • AMCya in the Finals.......Bitch!




2013 Spring Training Tourney Champs

17th place out of 172 after losing a tough first game. Nice Job Boys!

Super NIT Champs

7/17 Ocean City Super NIT Champs

Who Says The RV only sleeps 9???

Ella Mordente Our AMC Fan of the month!!

2011 NIT Champs

2011 March Madness Champs

D NIT Champs 6/19/2010

AMC Xpress September 2009 Worlds

6/27/09 CT "E" NIT Champs 5-1 record 23-6 final over PGL Const.

TYJA Sports Winter Wake Up Champs - 4/4/2009