Amery Softball Association Men’s League Rules


  • All games start at 7pm

  • Field 1 is the west field (closest to the road)

  • Text or E-mail Phil (715-529-6473) ( with final score of games and winners

    Home team:

  1. Is listed second on the schedule

  2. Will take the dugout between the fields

  3. Will be responsible for the score board

  4. Will supply new game ball and good second ball

  5. Will drag the field


  • You may play on only one league team

  • Batting team supplies the ump

  • Modified ASA rules

  • 15 minute grace period or game is forfeited

  • 8 player minimum

  • No one under 16 years of age

  • Women are allowed

  • 3 home-runs allowed per game – after that they are outs

    • For Deer Park – 3 then 1 up.  If both teams hit 3 then the last team to hit their 3rd needs to hit their 4th before the team that first hit 3 HR’s and so on.  If there are questions about this, please call Phil for clarification. 


In case of rain make a courtesy call by 5:30 to opposing team. Please call Phil for rescheduling games. First come, first served.

Question, problems, or suggestions call:

Phil Russo (President) 715-529-6473

Troy Elmer (VP) 715-268-4860

Eric Wojchik (Treasurer) 715-222-4154

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