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    Mayday V

2018 Finishes Up to Date at of 7/2

SoCo Finishes

3 - 1st Place Finishes 

1 - 2nd Place Finish 

1 - 5th Place Finish 


USSSA Finishes 

2 - 3rd Place Finish

1 - 4th Place Finish

1 - 5th place Finish 

Our team is from Colorado mostly out of Denver and Colorado Springs. We pride ourselves in working hard while having as much fun as possible. Our team is like our second family and we are proud to be a part of the wonderful softball community in Colorado.


Things we can accommodate if you would like to sponsor us -

  • Putting your company’s name on the player’s jerseys.
  • Promote you through social media. 
  • Create a banner that our team puts up before every game with your businesses logo.
  • We are open to your needs, we are be flexible on how you would like to be sponsor you and will work with you to come up with a solution that benefits both of us.

***If you are interested, send us a message ***** 



2017 was an amazing year for us. We accomplished so much being that we were a completely new team.


  • Took 1st in 9 tournaments out of 14
  • Came in 2nd in 3 others
  • Took 7th out of 53 teams at the Mixed Worlds Tournament in Orlando, Florida
  • We were honored to be selected as the Coed Team of the Year for Colorado 


Our Story

Anarchy started as an idea Krystal and Mel had while trying to decide how they wanted our future to look softball wise. They knew they wanted loyal, dedicated players that were also like family. We all believe we have the right combination. We are excited for what 2018 has to bring!!