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Bulldogs Invade Fayetteville, NC

The Annandale Bulldogs traveled to Fayetteville, North Carolina April 20th and 21st to play in the All American Shootout. In front of college coaches, the team was undefeated, posting a 3-0 record in their pool and ended up losing in the semi-finals of the tournament. Overall, they were 4-1 for the tournament.

They opened the tournament against the SEBL A Team. SEBL got off to a quick 4-0 lead before a basket by Nate Barrigan and two baskets by Mark Elliott pushed the Bulldogs to the lead. Both teams exchanged leads for the remainder of the first half as Colin Jeffrey and Bryce Washington also added to the scoring. SEBL lead at the half by 28-26. In the second half, the Bulldogs built an eight point lead only to see SEBL tie the game with 13 seconds left to send the game into overtime.  Bryce Washington took over in the overtime period scoring 7 of his 15 points to lead the Bulldogs to a 67-66 victory. Nate Barrigan led the Bulldogs in scoring for the game with 20 points, followed by Colin Jeffrey’s 16, Bryce Washington’s 15, and Mark Elliott’s 12.

The second game matched the Bulldogs against the Wayne County Blazers. This game would turn out to be a high scoring game. Wayne County got out to a small lead at the start only to see the Bulldogs get hot from the three point area. Bryce Washington and Colin Jeffrey both hit three 3 pointers in the first half to give the Bull Dogs a 44-37 lead at halftime. The hot shooting continued through the second half as the Bulldogs pulled away for a 99-80 final score. Colin Jeffrey lead the scoring with 29 points (6 of 7 from 3 point range), followed by Bryce Washington with 17, Marshall Cogburn and Mark Elliott with 14, and Nate Barrigan with 10.

The first round of the championship bracket had the Bulldogs playing the Georgia United team from the Atlanta area. The Bulldogs quickly took control of this game with a 24-2 start. They led 52-24 at the half and cruised into the next round of the playoffs with a 75-43 victory. Mark Elliott led the team in scoring with 22 points, followed by Colin Jeffrey with 16, and Nate Barrigan with 10.

The semi-final round saw the Bulldogs in a rematch with the Wayne County Blazers. This game would turn out to be much closer than their first meeting the day before. Wayne County opened the game with a three point shot only to see Nate Barrigan tie the score up at the other end of the court. The lead went back and forth in the first half with Bulldogs leading by eight at one point. Wayne County would come back, as they would do for most of the game, and the Bulldogs lead by a 36-33 score at halftime. The second half saw the Bulldogs continue to build a lead only to see the Blazers fight back. Marshall Cogburn kept the Bulldogs in the lead by dominating the inside. Marshall would score 12 of the team’s final 13 points as the game was tied with eight seconds left. The Blazers took the ball out at the end of the court and shot the ball from just inside the half court line. The Bulldogs saw their tournament hopes end as the ball went through the basket for a 67-64 loss.

The Bulldogs will continue their April travels next week, as they will be playing in the Philly Jam Fest.


Welcome to the Home of the Annandale Bulldawgs

The team only gave up an average of 44 points a game over a seven game span. The Bulldawgs never pressed during the tournament even when trailing by 11 once they stayed calm a relied on their defense.

NATIONAL CHAMPION ANNANDALE BULLDAWGS Bracket Play. Bulldawgs Defense was still a monster against the top teams in the Nationals Tournament, only giving up an average of 48 points per game.

Team Wins Losses Win Pct PF PA
Annandale Bulldawgs 4 0 1.00 237 192
Cleveland PRIDE 3 1 .75 270 213
Cary Cougars 2 1 .67 166 158
VA STARS 2 1 .67 147 116
NC Panthers 2 1 .67 173 141
TIDEWATER THORO CATS 1 1 .50 137 143
Virginia Heat - Shepher 1 1 .50 104 112
Danville Heat 1 1 .50 130 140
Marauders 1 1 .50 112 117
Nvasion Basketball 1 1 .50 121 147
Team 1 on 1 1 1 .50 105 120
Beach Xplosion 0 1 .00 56 74
Virginia Eagles 0 1 .00 34 56
Laurens Pistons 0 1 .00 60 69
VA. Heat - Brown 0 1 .00 54 72
Strongsville Storm 0 1 .00 52 61
Virginia Rebels 0 1 .00 50 61
SEW Elite Wolfpack 0 1 .00 33 44
Mt. Luxor Rockets 0 1 .00 79 83
VA Select 1 .00 65 66

Pool Play
2012 National Rankings after pool play. Annandale Bulldawgs were #1. With astounding defensive effort of only giving up 39 points a game.

Team Wins Losses Ties Win Pct PF PA
Annandale Bulldawgs 10 3 0 0 1.00 188 117
Cleveland PRIDE 10 3 0 0 1.00 215 164
SEW Elite Wolfpack 10 3 0 0 1.00 209 135
Danville Heat 10 3 0 0 1.00 198 175
NC Panthers 10 3 0 0 1.00 207 136
Cary Cougars 10 2 1 0 .67 194 140
VA. Heat - Brown 10 2 1 0 .67 224 194
Virginia Heat - Shep 2 1 0 .67 172 186
Marauders 10 2 1 0 .67 193 173
Beach Xplosion 1 2 0 .33 174 186
VA STARS 10 1 2 0 .33 147 165
Laurens Pistons 10 1 2 0 .33 148 173
TIDEWATER THORO CATS 10 1 2 0 .33 171 233
Virginia Rebels 10 1 2 0 .33 148 164
Nvasion Basketball 10 1 2 0 .33 157 184
Team 1 on 1 10 1 2 0 .33 156 200
Virginia Eagles 10 0 3 0 .00 146 200
Strongsville Storm 10 0 3 0 .00 177 215
Mt. Luxor Rockets 10 0 3 0 .00 177 216
VA Select 10 0 3 0 .00 118 163

New Season New Players Same Bite!!!!
Bulldawgs off and running again 14-5 record to kick off the season.
Won four tournaments in this young season and looking for more.

Fall Season Basketball
The Bulldawgs enter the fall season loaded with talent.
Bulldawgs Defeated 17U Southern Maryland 56-52
Bulldawgs Defeated TBS Academy 70-45
Bulldawgs Win again Team Virginia 45-44

Bulldawgs finished 6th place at the National with six players. Score
64 points a game, second highest in bracket play.

1 Carolina HoopDreamz 9th 2 0 153 111 42
2 WV STORM 9th 2 0 145 114 31
3 Cincinnati Celtics 9th 2 0 104 81 23
4 Maryland Mavericks 9th 2 0 76 63 13
5 GAS Ballers Red 9th 2 1 127 97 30
6 Annandale Bulldawgs 9th 2 1 193 169 24
7 Cary Cougars 9th 2 1 90 90 0
8 Richmond Jammers 9th 1 1 61 46 15
9 Kernersville Mavericks 9th 1 1 52 44 8
10 Mainstream 9th 1 1 76 75 1
11 NMB Hoopstars 9th 1 1 66 65 1
12 VIRGINIA REBELS 9th 1 1 113 117 -4
13 WCBA Black 9th 1 1 116 124 -8
14 North Carolina Panthers 9th 1 1 63 76 -13
15 Cabarrus Stars 9th 1 1 105 126 -21
16 Emerald City Dream Team 9th 0 1 65 66 -1
17 North Carolina Breakers 9th 0 1 75 76 -1
18 Cleveland PRIDE Basketball 9th 0 1 55 62 -7
19 A & M Jaguars 9th 0 1 64 72 -8
20 Team Georgetown 9th 0 1 44 52 -8
21 Virginia Eagles 9th 0 1 50 59 -9
22 Laurens Piston 9th 0 1 52 63 -11
23 Swish City Magic Elite 9th 0 1 39 50 -11
24 Ascend Ballers 9th 0 1 46 61 -15
25 GGB Terps (MD) 9th 0 1 35 62 -27
26 Swish City Magic (Black) 9th 0 1 26 70 -44

New Year, New Team, Same Results

Bulldawgs won thier fourth tournament in a row this season. Tying last year record. Nate was named MVP of the tournament for a second time this season. Ben had 15 rebounds and six blocks shots. Bryce had 17 in the final game. DeMornay went 16-19 field gooal shooting during the tourament.

The Bulldawgs have won 3 straight tournaments. This season and are on pace to break the record of 5 in one season. They started off the season with a second place to the Future Players. Then click won a show case

DC Metro Showcase

The Annandale Bulldawgs 14U won the DC Metro Showcase. The team went 5-0 during the tournament and scored an average of 57 points a game. The Championship game was a rematch from the AAU Super Regional, when WHC knock off the over confident Bulldawgs out of contention. This time the Bulldawgs were focus but missing two starters. This pushed Nathan Schultze to the starting role. Nathan played solid defense holding their top scorer in check. Nate B and Bryce had 28 points betweens them, as the Bulldawgs pulled off a 54-49 victory over WHC Heat.

Immaculate Conception

The big battle against Central Penn and Annandale was one to remember. Central Penn a D-1 AAU team was loaded with talented players. The Bulldawgs jumped all over CP (Central Penn) to start the game with a 16-4 start. #23 for CP was beastly to say the least. He scored all but 6 point in the first half. The second half CP showed off #11 and #14 3 point shooting skill. With 2.9 second left and the Bulldawgs down by 1 point. Patrick threw the ball full court to streaking Demornay who was able to catch score with the horn going off. Giving the Bulldawgs a 1 point victory. Demornay had 20 points and Nate dropped in 16 points.

Bulldawgs Take Second Place in Delaware

First time on the road the Bulldawgs stood strong and made it to their fourth champions tournament in a row. Outstanding play by Robert, Demornay, and Ben, aided in our success.

AAU Regional Champs.

The Bulldawgs were coming off their YBOA championship victory looking to keep things hot. The AAU Regional started out with DC Assault. With the Bulldawgs up by 10 points and four minutes left in the game. DC Assault began to foul. Annandale went ice cold from the foul line. The bad foul shooting allowed DC Assaults to tie the score with 14 seconds left in the game. Robert attempted to go coast to coast, but was foul in the process of shooting. With the score tied at 59, Robert hit the second of his two free throws giving the Bulldawgs an one point win.

The Championship game. vs Fairfax Star was a game of two halves. The Bulldawgs had 15 turnovers in the first half and only trailed by one point. Annandale got rid of the bad habits and only had three turnovers tin the second half. Robert had 17 points and 8 of 10 players scored. Robert had 8 rebounds and Mike capture 7 as Annandale powered there way to theirs second Championship.

YBOA Champs

The improving Bulldawgs returned to their old home Mount Vernon High School with message to all other YBOA teams. Nothing has changed but the name on the uniform. They won all three games and proved they are still the best team in YBOA. They first defeated the new Cardinal team that replaced them by a score 69-22.

Next on their list was their old nemesis Arlington Pride. The Bulldawgs had control of this game until the referees decided they wanted a close game by calling two technical in the last three minutes of the game. Robert knocked in the game winning shot with 13 seconds left on the clock, to move the Bulldawgs into the Championship game against Basic# 1

The stage was set for the championship game Basic #1 vs Bulldawgs. Basic #1, who was known as Virginia Elite last year, had improved by picking up key players this season. They were beating good teams by 15 points and not breaking a sweat. The championship game seemed to be a game of runs, until Basic had 31 -16 point margin. The Bulldawgs went on a monster run of their own from that point. Out scoring Basic to a tune of 50-26. Basic could not counter punch the Dagger defense. Bryce and Robert were named all YBOA . Next stop AAU Regional

The Bulldawgs played in their first AAU tournament this past weekend. Nate was high man this weekend with 34 points off the bench followed closely by Isaiah with 32. The team hit over 45% from three point land for the Tournament. Foul shooting and boxing out were a problem in the first game against Team Takeover. The second game boxing out was still an issue and the team went 11-32 inside on 2 point shots. The third game we saw a strong finish, the Bulldawgs truly demonstrated how being aggressive will help in the win column.


The Warriors were up against the 6-0 "Cardinal Tru-Baller" with a 17U player. It made no difference as the Warriors attack, stole, and shot their way to a perfect 7-0 regular season record. Nate had 18 with 4 three point shots.

The beat goes on! The Warriors improved to 6-0 for the Fall League as they destroyed MD Dream 70-38. The team is improving we played this team earlier this year and the game was close. This time we did not wait until the second half to give the MD Dream a nightmare. More scouts for the Warriors as BI shows joins the scouts the like what the see out of the Warriors.

The Warriors take 2nd place in the Paul IV tournament. The warriors showed all the scouts that they were a team to be watched. As the went 3-1 in the Paul IV Tournament.

New PG Donovan is doing very well. Jump shot, commands the floor, drives to the basket. He had nine assist in his second game as a Cardinal Warriors. As the Warriors punished the 15U Triple Threat 85-39. This team was always a pain in the Cardinal side. The Warriors are now 4-0 in the Fall League and getting stronger every game.

Warriors have been red hot since returning from Nationals. They have won 9 out of 11 games.

The Warriors struggled big time while at the Nationals. The good news is that Avyn won the free throw contest for the 13U.

The first two games they could not do anything right. The Third game against the Westbank Jaguars we came out with fire, but could not maintain it. Our first bracket came was against Florida Fire. The offensive played well, but the had to many defensive mental lapse and that caused them the game. The Georgia Jaguars started their midget crew for the first quarter, but the Warriors only had a one point margin after the first quarter. We blew many offensive chances, which caused us the game.


Georgia Wizards Red, GA
Atlanta Celtics, GA
Georgia Jagurars, GA
Augusta Metros, SC
Salisbury Kings, NC
Westbank Jaguars, LA
Carolina Express, NC
Smyrna Stars, GA
Bama Bulls, AL
Cardinal - Roy, VA
Tri Cities Tarheels, TN
Forest City Heat, NC
Atlanta Aftershock, GA
Charlotte Hornets, NC
SOYSA Orlando Suns, FL
N. Charleston All-Stars, SC
Florida Fire, FL
Arlington Pride, VA

3 Point Shooting Contest Amir
Foul Shot Shooting Contest Avyn
Hot Shot Shooting Contest Isaiah
Team Shooting Contest Nate, Bryce, Seth, Austin and Kevin

The Warriors won their fourth Tournament of the year in the 14U JR Ballers Tournament. The new defense was tremendous as Chief regain his old form with 17 points and 5 assist and carried the Warriors to their 4th 2009 Tournament Championship. Big Bryce controlled the inside game with 19 points and six rebounds.

The Warrior won their third Tournament of 2009. The Warriors won four straight games and defeated Arlington Pride in the Championship game while scoring 67 points per game. The warriors are on track to tie their 2007 tournament wins of four with a win in the Virginia State. MVP went to Austin and Avyn. We have had six different Most Valuable Players this season;Bryce, Nate,Chief, Isaiah, Avyn, and Austin.

The Warriors "Do it again" They Finish first and had a perfect record in the Potomac Valley Spring League. The Cardinal Warriors defeated two D-1 in route to a perfect 7-0 season. In three years the Cardinal Warriors have never loss a game in a spring League.

The Cardinal Warriors proved that they are one of the top teams in the US by qualifying for AAU Div 1 during the Potomac Valley Regional. The Warriors were shell shocked in the first game of pool by the DC Warriors. They bounce back to win two games consecutively.

The Warriors used the broom to sweep the second YBOA qualifier. They went a perfect 4-0 through the tournament. The team average 68 points per game, and shot 55 % from the floor. They also shot an amazing 11-16 from downtown. Everybody had role in this tournament. Amir had two of his best games ever during this tournament. The "Chris Carter Show" was shown during the OT game against Arlington Pride. Ricky brought the team back from 12 points back in the championship game. Amir and Chief received co-MVP for the tournament.

The Warriors take second place in the YBOA qualifier. The Cardinal Warriors had a record of 3-1 during the YBOA tournament. Bryce was the big man on Campus as he was voted most MVP of the Tournament.

The Cardinal Warriors won second place in the Maryland Shootout. They defeated Ivy 23 on Saturday night, but went just missed in the championship game.

The Warriors open the Potomac Valley Winter AAU League with two quick wins to grip first place.

Warriors continued with the smack down of Vereen's Team. Defeating them by 11 points. Nate was high man with 12 points. Seth had 5 assist and Isaiah pulled down 7 rebounds. The Warriors open a early gap and never let Vereen's team get started with their pressure man-man defense.

The Warriors are ready to start the Winter League. They will be playing against elite AAU teams. This will be a good warm-up for the tough spring season that 2009 will bring.

The red hot Cardinal Warriors have 13 wins out of their last 14 games played. They are playing up in most of these games against good opponents. They are now 4-0 in the Fall League after, knocking off Loudon County for the second straight time. Chief drop in 30 points and Bryce pulled down eight rebounds.

The Warriors bring their perfect record into Sunday games against last year runner up team Loudon County. The Warriors struggle against this large team until the Championship game. When the Warriors destroyed Loudon County with a game that was made for TV. They shot 65% from the field and hit 14 out 17 3 point shots.

First Game of the Fall League, the Warriors started with a bang. After trailing by 10 points at half time the Warriors dug themselves out of a big hole. They held the 14U Cardinal team to 6 points in the second half.
Chief only played in the second half,but was able to drop a quick 10 points Bryce also put in 10 points and 10 boards.

Labor Day Championship Game, the Warriors only had 5 players, but played well against the Team Future 13u who had nine players. The game was close, Team Future made a move in the second half and open the game to 11 points. The Warriors went to their Dagger defense and close the gap to one point. Seth, committed his fifth foul of the game with one minute and 39 seconds. The Warriors were down to 4 players in a one point game. Isaiah and Nate were high points leader with 17 points a piece, Bryce drop in 10 points. Nate had 9 steals and Seth had 6.

Again the Warrior win another League Championship. They won by defeating Alexandria Big Time 70-64. The Warriors were ahead by nine points at half time but could not get it going the second half. After switching to their Dagger Defense they open the game up. Ahmed was the leader of the charge with three steals and eight in the second half. Nate was also a huge contributor shooting 6-6 from the field with 5 steals. The Warriors have played in 7 leagues and won 6, 2 Cardinal Leagues and 4 Fairfax Stars leagues. This is just an amazing record. They also won their 40th game of the year.

The Warriors won thier fourth Fairfax Championship Title by Beating BRYC again. This time the warriors were ahead the entire game. BRYC made a run in the second half, but Nate ended it as fast as it started. Chief was 9-13 from the field, Ahmed also was 3-5, Isaiah 4-7, Kevin 2-2. The big guys played very well against the monsters of BRYC.

Two years of domination by BRYC ended this week. BRYC falling was that loud noise you heard Thursday night. The Warriors came out on a mission, but missed 20 shots in the first half. The second half was totally different. The warriors on a steady attack dismantle the BRYC triple tower machine. Chief Drop 35 points and big Kevin intimidate the big guys of BRYC.

The team did a great job at the USBA Nationals. USBA has a computer ranking system, very similar to college ranking. Out of 79 ranked teams our first game was against the #1 ranked team in USBA Carolina Dream. We came out with fire and was in command early but we were not able to maintain during the last few minutes of the game and it ended in a seven point loss.

The second game was against the 6th ranked computer ranked team. We destroyed them by 29 points. The third pool game was against last year 12U Champs. That is not a typo Forrest Hill Heat won the 12U last year playing up. We had a lot of problems with their ability to shoot the 3 ball, and their Phoenix Suns style of play.

Bracket play we were placed 14 seed by the computer program and defeated the Myrtle Beach Sharks by 14 points. The second game of Bracket play we faced the five seed, against the United Celtics. This was a huge team, but our game plan was on the money. We stopped the big man in the first half, but could not stop the second tower in the second half.

This was the best performance Nationally (YBOA/USBA/USSSA) in 3 years by a Virginia team in our age group. If you included AAU, only the Fairfax Stars Gold/U-Turn have accomplished more nationally than Cardinal Warriors out of 25 plus Virginia Teams.

USBA 12U National Teams

Salem Spartans 12U boys
Maryland Ruff Riders 12U boys
Cardinal Warriors 12U boys
Ivey 23 Terps 12U boys
United Celtics RDU 12U boys
Myrtle Beach Sharks 12U boys
Carolina Ballers 12U boys
Wake County Thunder 12U boys
Carolina Phenoms 12U boys
United Stars Gold 12U boys
CC1st Rockets 12U boys
Wizards LKN 12U boys
Sumter Starz 12U boys
Forest City Heat 12U boys
South Greenville Trailblazers 12U boys
Hoops City Heat 12U boys
Carolina Dream 12U boys
North Carolina Force 12U boys