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Please go to this site  for all Junior and Seniors baseball questions and signups.  

Currently the SALL website is handling all Juniors sign ups for SALL, ANLL, AALL and any other District 17 leagues which do not have a Juniors/Seniors program.

Yes ANLL and AALL players can sign up on the SALL site for Juniors.


Junior League Baseball is intended for 13 and 14 year old players who are not playing high school baseball. Senior league is for players aged 13 through 16 who played high school baseball. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

2.  How will teams be formed?  Players from the three leagues will be placed into a common pool of players from which the teams will be drafted.  Thus, unlike the other divisions, players from AALL and SALL can play together on the same team in Junior and Senior divisions.
3.  Where will the teams in the division practice and play?  The home field for the Junior and Senior divisions will be Bonita Park in Arcadia.  Since this field has lights, some games will be played at night.
4.  How does Junior and Senior League play differ from play in the Majors division?  There are many differences between the rules applicable to the Majors division and those applicable to the Juniors and Seniors division.  Generally, the Junior and Senior division rules, in most respects, are the same as those used in professional baseball.  Some of the key differences between the Junior/Senior rules and the other divisions of play are:
  • Juniors and Seniors use a full size baseball field.  There are 90 feet between bases and the pitching rubber is 60 feet 6 inches from home plate.  
  • A regulation game in the Junior and Senior divisions is 7 innings.  
  • Double headers are permitted in the Junior and Senior divisions.
  • Runners can lead off in the Junior and Senior divisions.
  • Head first slides are allowed in the Junior and Senior divisions.
  • Players in the Junior and Senior divisions can wear metal spikes.
  • Players in the Junior and Senior divisions can use big barreled bats.

5.  Is there All-Star play in the Junior and Senior divisions?  Yes.  There will be one 13-14 year old All-Star team and one 15-16 year old All-Star team selected from among all of the Arcadia Juniors and Seniors players.  Just as with the 11-12 year old division, there is a World Series in both the Junior and Senior divisions.   

6.  Who will the Juniors and Seniors Teams Play? In addition to games against the other teams in the Arcadia/Monrovia program, there will be interleague games with other League teams from surrounding Little Leagues.  Possible interleague partners include San Marino LL, Pasadena Central LL, East Altadena LL and Glendora LL, among others.
7.  Why is there a different schedule for the Juniors and Seniors divisions? The Junior division is primarily intended for players who have not yet entered hight school or who are not playing on a high school.  Accordingly, the Juniors season runs concurrent with the typical Little League Season.  The Seniors division is intended primarily for high school players.  Under CIF rules, a high school baseball player cannot play for any other team during the high school season.  As a result, the Seniors division does not start play until after the High School regular season has completed.  However, because All-Star play in all levels, including the Seniors division, starts at the same time (late June of each year), the Seniors divison plays a compressed schedule with at least 3 games per week.