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Meet Your Spring and Summer 2020 Arizona Athletics! 

#1 - Spencer Mallett

#2 - Edgar Arrieta

#3 - Phil Williamson

#6 - Hunter Parker

#7 - John Cohen

#9 - Troy Carpenter

#10 - Sebastian Munoz

#11 - Keegan Blair

#13 - Travis Finken

#14 - Javi Hernandez

#15 - Spencer Bieling

#16 - Preston Donlon

#17 - Brevin Baessler

#18 - Junior Schermerhorn

#19 - Jose Torres

#20 - John Williamson

#23 - Jose Gonzalez

#25 - Stuart Maxwell

#26 - Tristian Heath

#27 - Alex Franzen

#31 - Jon Abersold

#33 - Sebastian Espinoza

#55 - Tom McCay

#82 - Austin Johnson

#98 - Hector Ramos

After another fantastic season in the fall and winter of 2019 and 2020, we have another incredibly talented group of guys that will be carrying us into the AZMSBL and Tempe Mens League in spring and summer of 2020. We hope to continue our success and get back to yet another championship game with the group we have! 


Arizona Athletics Retired Numbers 2020

We would like to congratulate the newest member of the Arizona Athletics retired jersey club, all-star catcher:


#21 Dallas Gilleland


Dallas has been a member of the Arizona Athletics since December 2018, and has been a key contributor and perennial all-star since the day he put the A's jersey on. Dallas has been a constant leader in the top half of the all major batting statistics for the A's since coming on board, he also represented the A's in the 2019 MMTBL All-star game as a starter. Dallas has been a major part of our success over the past 2 years and every one of our pitchers has had nothing but praise for him. We are sad to see him go, but we wish him the best on his future endeavors and he will always be welcome back with the team.

Other Current Retired Arizona Athletics Jersey Numbers:

#22 Nick Goza

#8 Paul Stelling

#24 Lucas Herrera

#85 Cody Payne

These gentlemen have been selected by their teammates to be the members of the A's family forever and to have their numbers retired. These players have all been key members of the A's over the past 3 years, and have all decided to pursue lives outside of baseball. We would like to thank these 5 gentlemen for being a part of the A's team and family, and are always welcome back.

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