• Mannix Dominates B-Jays, Leading 12"ers to World Series
  • Nuts Stun Muckdogs, Advance to World Series
  • B-Jays Season Ends Miserably, Only Manage One Hit of 12"ers
  • Muckdogs, Nuts Series Receives Highest TV Rating in League History


12"ers Take Championship

August 9, 2011

The 12"ers swept the Nuts on Sunday to take the Backyard Wiffleball Championship. The names Eddie Mannix and Willy "Butters" Botefuhr will forever be remembered among the greats of the league. Eddie Mannix was named postseason MVP with good reason, he hit 9 HR's in the playoffs and raised his batting average from .264 to .306.

Game 1 may have been the most epic game of the series, Nick Batcha homered to give the Nuts a 1-0 lead in the top of the 3rd. With one out and two strikes on him in the bottom of the fourth, Eddie Mannix hit a solo shot to tie the game. He then hit a walk off HR in the bottom of the 5th to win the game.

It was all downhill from there for the Nuts, who lost Game 2 by a score of 4-0, and Game 3 by a 1-0 score. Eddie Mannix ended the Series on a typical dropball that caught Mike Eggert looking.

All in all, it was a great season. Hats off to the 12"ers and cheers to bigger and better things in 2012.

Nuts, 12"ers in World Series

August 6, 2011
The 12"ers and Nuts were the legends on the field today at the Batcha Grounds. They made the plays that needed to be made, when they needed to be made. The World Series will be played on Sunday starting at 12:30.

For the 12"ers, the road to the Series was not as difficult as they thought it may be. Eddie Mannix mowed down the B-Jays (who scored their only run off Butter Botefuhr), not allowing a hit in the whole series. He also tacked on 4 HR's as the 12"ers won Game 1, 1-0 and Game 2, 3-1.

The Nuts faced an uphill battle against the heavily favored, #1 seeded Muckdogs. In the opener, the Nuts played well, if it weren't for a great play by Dan O'Brien (who robbed a homer in the 2nd) the Nuts may have won the game, but it was the Muckdogs who scored on an RBI groundout in the 9th inning.

Nick Batcha's leadoff solo HR in the second game was all the cushion he needed on the mound, as the Nuts shockingly stole Game 2 by a score of 1-0.

Game 3 was one for the ages. The series had been so well played in the first two games the fans expected greatness, and they got it. Mike Schultz and Nick Batcha traded zeroes until the top of the 3rd where Jason Johnson (subbing for Eggs) got things going for the Nuts with a single, his first hit of the day. Batcha followed suit with another single and Jason went from first to third on the hit. After a strikeout by Jason, it was Batcha at the plate with one out and runners on first and third. With two strikes, he lined a ball down the first base line and legged out a triple, giving the Nuts a shocking 2-0 lead. That hit may be remembered for ages by Nuts fans across the nation. In the next half inning the defensive play of the year was made by Jason Johnson on a Dan O'Brien fly ball to deep center, Jason made the catch while blinded by the house, making it the second out of the inning.

In the bottom of the fourth, the Nuts lead 2-0. Mike Schultz didn't want his season to end and took the first pitch he saw and deposited it into left field. After a Dan O'Brien strikeout Mike Schultz came to bat in the most intense at bat in league history. With a 2-1 score, the two rivals battled out an epic at bat, with Nick Batcha getting Schultz on a slider at the knees. Nuts win 2-1, and advance to the Series.

Nuts Advance to Playoffs by Beating Bums in One Game Playoff

August 1, 2011
The Nuts and Bums have been at the cellar of the league this whole year, but today was their center stage. After the Bums loss to the 12"ers to start the day, the Nuts and Bums were both 5-13. The schedule is set up so every team plays 20 games, and each team plays everyone 5 times. Due to poor scheduling (maybe great scheduling?) the Nuts and Bums needed to play each other twice to finish the season. Nick Batcha and Jason Johnson (subbing for Eggs) couldn't scratch off a run in the 4th and lost the first game. However the Nuts came back and won the second game 2-0. This set up and epic one game playoff.

Nick Batcha and Jimmy Ott (who stepped in and subbed for Jason, who was subbing for Eggs) pulled out a 2-0 victory behind 4 hits, including a 2 run homer by Jimmy Ott. The playoff field is finally set.

Beach Bums Shock the Nation

July 13, 2011
On paper, the first game of the day seemed like a sure rout as the (#3) Muckdogs hosted the 2-9 Beach Bums. Cael Kiess and Matt Todesco had other ideas. In the top of the first, Mr. Kiess sent a solo shot over the left field fence, giving the Bums a shocking 1-0 lead. The crowd wasnt too worried, most believed the Mucks would easily get a few runs and salvage their undefeated season. However, this never happened, the Mucks could not catch any breaks and Mr. Kiess had his best stuff on the mound. In the end, the Bums handed the Muckdogs their first loss. Box Score

The Muckdogs would bounce back against the (#18) Blue Jays in their next matchup. Schultz was dominant on the mound, the B-Jays couldn't handle anything Schultzy threw at them. Box Score

Cael Kiess sent two homers over the wall in left to keep the Bums on a winning streak. The victims this time were the Nuts who fell to 4-12 on the year. These teams meet two more times on the year and there will be huge playoff implications, with both teams battling for the last spot. Box Score

The Bums win streak had to come to an end eventually. The finale was a rematch of the epic first game between the Muckdogs and the Beach Bums. Schultz homered twice and shut out the Bums to avenge the earlier loss. Box Score

Blue Jays Sweep Season Series with Nuts, Muckdogs Still Unbeaten

July 6, 2011
The (#3)Muckdogs won a pair of 1-0 games to keep their undefeated dream season alive, Michael Schultz's HR in the top of the 7th lifted the (#3)Muckdogs over the (#6) Blue Jays. Box Score

The Mucks were also on the ropes against the Nuts, but Schultz found some late inning heroics and hit a walk-off HR off Nick Batcha in the 6th inning. Box Score

In the finale, the Robert Olson led the (#6)Blue Jays to victory over the Nuts with a HR in the bottom of the 6th. This gives the B-Jays a 5-0 record against the Nuts on the year, a season sweep. Box Score