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  • All of our Angels have Wings
  • Once an Angel Always an Angel
  • Don't practice until you get it right,
  • Practice until you can't get it wrong
  • My hero has wings, not a cape


Player Daily Homework

Jump Rope: 10 minutes or to the full length of 3 of your favorite songs

Player Weekly Homework

25 Made Left Layups
25 Made Right Layups
50 Made Freethrows

25 Jump Stop made shots inside the key

Choose five items on the Individual Drills list and do one each day

Don't Practice until you get it right, Practice until you can't do it wrong!!!

Donate Now for Coach T.'s AVON Walk for Breast Cancer

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Click on the AVON Walk picture above to enter my participant site to donate online now.
Donations for my AVON Walk for Breast Cancer are available on-line and always ongoing. Every 3 minutes someone is diagnosed with breast cancer. This is why I am In It To End It! Thank you for your support and contributions.

NJB - Divisional Rules 2012

NJB - Parent Handbook

AVON Walk for Breast Cancer - Training Guide

Click Here To Download
Open the attachment for the AVON Walk for Breast Cancer complete training guide to help you in you walking journey.


How an Angel exibits her A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E.S.

Always making today my best day
Taking pride in a job well done
Treating others with respect
Isolating my negative thoughts
Treating tasks as opportunities
Utilizing my talents every day
Doing the job right the first time
Expecting positive outcomes daily
Speaking well of others every day