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In the First round of the playoffs the #1 seed Team MVP beat last seed Stealth 8-0. The other game #2 seed Lightning beat #3 seed Orioles 6-5. Hayden Federico hit the walk-off for Lightning. In the championship the #1 seed Team MVP beat #2 seed Lightning 1-0 in a hard fought game. 

Batting Average leader= Turner Vance, Orioles

Gold Glove Award= Sam Quinn, Team MVP

Cy Young Award= Cade Mattison, Team MVP

MVP Award= Sawyer Speights, Lightning

In the first game Team MVP beat Stealth 4-0. Nicholson Vance went 1-1 with a solo homerun and a walk. Later the Orioles tied with the Lightning 2-2. Turner Vance went 3-5 with a rbi. Then Team MVP beat the Orioles 9-5. Cade Mattison went 2-3 With a grand slam and 5 RBI's.

The Season starts Monday. Team MVP is the favorite. Though Lightning is looking good this year. Stealth is looking like the worst team. Chaos I think will do okay. Team MVP has last years MVP Nicholson Vance and Cy Young Cade Mattison. It'll be a good year so get ready for Monday.