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Hello, and welcome to the Lowell BBB Softball League.  


2017 League Rules:  

Section 1 – Rain Policy  

A. All Team Captains (6:30pm & 8:00pm – Home and Away) must be in agreement to cancel.  In case of weather, text chain will start at or around 2pm.  If vote is tied, then decision defers to 6:30pm Home Captain.  

B. Game must be called off before 5:00pm or the game will be considered active/playable.

C. If the 6:30pm game is rained out, then the 8:00pm game is automatically cancelled (USA Softball Rule).

D. There is a 15 minute grace period for the 6:30pm start.  There is no grace period for the 8:00pm start – grace period is allotted if team is awaiting their 10th player.  

E. Makeup Games will be played as soon as can be scheduled.  

Section 2 – Umpire Fees  

A. Umpire fee will be paid by both teams.

B. Regular Season Fee - $22/team.

C. Playoff Fee – $36/team (2 umpires).

D. If a game is called before it starts because of foul weather the umpire still gets $10/team.

E. A forfeit or a no show team still owes the full fee.  In the event of a NO SHOW/NO CALL, that team is responsible for the total umpire fees for both teams ($44).  In the event of a forfeit where a team makes a good-will attempt to field a team, then both teams are still responsible for their share of the umpire fees. 

Section 3 – Players  

A. Signed team roster of up to 20 players must be turned into League Officials no later than June 1, 2017.  

B. All players must be on the roster.

C. Minimum of 9 players to field a team (of which, at least 1 female).

D. Two females must play the field and must stay fixed in the top 10 of the batting order.  If a team has only 1 female, they must sacrifice a fielder and take an automatic out each time her batting position arises. If a team plays 9 players with 2 females, the automatic out does not apply.  

E. Players cannot be moved around in your batting order.  The batting order is fixed.  Players may be added to the bottom of the order after the game has started.  Players may also be substituted in the lineup for another player, however, the original player will only be able to reenter the game in the same spot of the lineup.  If a player plays the field, he must be in the batting order.  Penalty would be automatic out when batting order flips. a. If a player leaves the game, then the remaining batting order may resume without penalty (no out).  However, if that team is only batting 10 players, then an automatic out will be assessed when that lineup spot is due.

F. If you have a player who has been ejected you will not be able to replace him in the order and it will become an automatic out every time his spot comes up in the order.

G. Players can only play for one team.

H. Players play at their own risk.

I. Players who have left the game may only re-enter the game from their original spot in the order.  However, if a player receives a pinch runner when they are on 2nd or 3rd base, then that player is not able to re-enter the game.

J. Male players must play 10 games to play in the playoffs; Female players must play 6 games to play in playoffs.

K. Players must have at least two at bats to receive credit for a game played.  If a player does not have the opportunity due to a shortened game (mercy rule or weather), then the player will receive credit.  

L. Catcher’s masks are strongly suggested, but not required.

M. No metal spikes allowed.

N. No professional athletes.   

O. No infielder can play on grass when a female is at bat

Section 4 – Supplies:  Bases  

A. Home team will provide Balls and Bases (safety bag at 1st base). B. Each team will need to supply 2 ASA approved  softballs w/ .52 Core & 300 compression; 12 inch. C. All Bats must be ASA Certified (ASA Stamp). D. Both managers and the umpire should inspect prior to the start of the game. E. ASA bats that appear on the USA Softball Banned Bat List are not allowed and considered illegal. F. Any player caught using an illegal bat will be ejected from the game - 2nd offense 5 game suspension – 3rd offense – lifetime suspension.  

Section 5 – Rules  

A. Mercy Rule - after 5 complete innings the game will be over if a team is up by 20 runs.  The inning must end.

B. There is a Home Run limit to 7/team per game.  After both teams have hit 7 homeruns, then they are able to match (1 for 1).  Homeruns after that will be considered an out.

C. No bunting, stealing, or leading – penalty – out.

D. Unlimited number of designated hitters after the top ten batters (still subject to rule 3.D).

E. Players cannot play more than 1 foot in front of the base paths.  There is no invisible line.

F. Four straight balls (no strikes) to a male batter prior to a female batter - female may bat or take an automatic walk.

G. Foul counts as strikes (2 strike foul = out).

H. Pinch runners - only players on 1st base are eligible for a pinch runner.  Male runner for a male runner, female runner for a female runner.  If you no longer have an extra female on the bench and an injury occurs, the last male out may run (injury only exception).  If a player is on 2nd or 3rd base and requires a pinch runner, this is considered a substitution (Subject to Rule 3-I).

I. Batter will start with a 0-0 count.

J. The pitching height is between 6 and 12 feet.

K. The base paths distance is 65 feet.

L. Hats are allowed to be worn in any fashion as the player desires.  

Section 6 – Conduct  

A. Slide Rule:  Attempt to avoid contact when running or playing defense in the base paths and at home plate.  Intentional take-outs (elbows, unnecessary collisions) are an automatic out at discretion of the umpire and could face league suspension.

B. Managers will be held responsible for team members.

C. Teams may be ejected from the league for unsportsmanlike conduct

D. Umpires may eject anyone from the game.

E. USA Softball of Massachusetts can reject any player for drinking anytime.

F. Keep alcohol away from dugouts and the playing fields.  

Section 7 – Playoffs  

A. The top 6 teams make the playoffs.

B. If there is a tie, head to head is first tie break.  The second is division record. Third tie break will be a coin toss by the commissioners.

C. The defending champion must hand over the trophy to the league before the start of the playoffs.

D. Higher seed determines their game-time for Game 1 of the playoffs.  Timeslot flips for games 2 and 3.  








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