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The Schedule is out.

2PM #2 Green vs #3 Blue

3PM #1 Yellow vs #4 Black

4PM #5 Orange vs #6 Purple

5PM Championship Game

Orange and Purple you have a game to play! It's an important game to determine who is in last place. Come and pad your stats!

Look for playoff previews in the next few days!


Mid-Season Awards

All-BBL First Team

Daren Seto - 21.3 PPG, 21-30 FG, 9.0 RPG, 19-28 FT, 1.0 SPG, 1.0 BPG

Daren has picked up where he left off last year with his scoring and rebounds. His shooting leaves a lot to be
desired hitting an abysmal 1-15. It doesn't help when it's shot up to 10 feet behind the 3 point line. He
has yet to throw a dunk in-game though he's thrown down windmills after games. Beyond all that he's still the
most athletic player on the court everytime and can take over a game at will.

Andy Choe - 19.0 PPG, .578 FG%, 16.0 RPG

Despite his team going 0-3, Andy is a big reason why they've been hanging around in some of the games.He will need to improve his stamina as the season closes to better Orange's chances of making the playoffs. His pure rebounding skills and finishing close shots show that he completely dominates the paint. Teams will have a hard time countering him down low.

Hyungwoo Lee - 17.7 PPG, 8.0 RPG, 1.7 APG, 1.3 SPG

Hyungwoo has done a good job leading his team to a 2-1 record. When Woo has played well purple team has won. He has been passing a lot more and has a respectable 1.7 assists per game. He had a below average time at the charity stripe his first two games but went 9-11 against black.

Chae Lee - 12.5 PPG, .500 FG%, .600 3PT%, 1,0 SPG

Despite getting hurt in the second game and missing out the third, Chae is in prime basketball shape and he's
playing very well. On a guard heavy team he has been very efficent in scoring. He'll look to make a comeback
in the last two games to make a push for the playoffs.

Josh Chun - 16.0 PPG, .409 FG%, 6.5 RPG, 2.0 APG

He's the missing piece to the Yellow Team which lost to the Blue by one the first week without him. After gettingJosh back, he's been scoring at a torrid pace while playing team ball with a high IQ. He's unafraid to pass to his teammates evidenced by his 2 assists per game.

All-BBL Second Team

Joon Son - 11.7 PPG, .393 FG%, .308 3PT%, 1.3 SPG

Joon has definitely had a better year than last year. His shooting percentages are up and he's still a force on
defense. He can help the Blue Team by crashing the boards more often.

Pat Ho - 11.7 PPG, .409 FG%, 2.7 SPG, 2.3 APG

Yellow's point guard has stepped up after being asked to handle the load of ball handling responsiblities for Yellow. He's leading the league in steals and averages 2.3 assists per game.

Howard Chung - 10.7 PPG, .471 3PT%

Howard is one dimensional but he's been darn good at it this season shooting an incredible 47% from three. He's currently leading the league in threes made and providing the secondary scoring Green needs.

Wilson Pak - 13.5 PPG, .385 FG%, 2.0 APG, 2.0 SPG

You can't mention BBL without mentioning Wilson Pak. Through two games he's been a steady scorer and provides a mismatch alongside Jimmy Choi, Chae Lee, and Chong Chong. He'll need to improve his three point percentage.

Alex Mershon - 11.0 PPG, .333 3PT%, 7.3 RPG

Alex started off hot from beyond the arc going 6-11 before a 0-7 dud against Yellow. He's been a rock solid
presence on the boards for Orange and warrants a mid-season All-BBL second team nod.

All-BBL Snub

Jeremy Check - 9.3 PPG, .538 FG%, .429 3PT%, 1.0 APG, 1.7 SPG

Jeremy is the epitome of fundamentals playing a solid all-around game. His shot selection shows through his high schooting precentage.

BBL All-Rookie

John Park - 6.7 PPG, .364 FG%, 6.33 RPG, 2.0 APG, 1.7 SPG

John contributes in more ways than his rebounds and all around game. This tall athletic forward's biggest
contribution is his coaching on and off the court.

Chae Chong - 13.0 PPG, .368 FG%, 7-23 3PT, 1.3 BPG

Chae has lit up the scoreboard with his drives to the hoop and long threes. Open long threes are good shots for him but he'll need to hit more to help Black Team. Surprisingly he's leading the league in blocked shots.

Andrew Seo - 6.3 PPG, .529 FG%, 7.33 RPG

Even though his stats don't look so impressive, Andrew is fifth in the league in rebounds and has given Blue
a very strong presence in the post.

Week 1 Awards

Player of the Week

Chae Lee - 19 PT, 7-9 FG, 3-3 3PT, 2-2 FT, 2 STL

Chae played an impressive game showing why he was the second overall pick. He scored 19 points with an efficent 9 shots to lead his team to a 6 point victory over a tough Orange Team.

Old Timer Old Spice Player of the Week

Howard Chung - 15 PT, 5-9 FG, 5-8 3PT, 4 RB

Making an early appearance on the website, Howard shot lights out from 3 point to stretch the zone of the purple team. Howard has staked his claim on the 3 point champion title with his performance.

Fence Masters Defensive Player of the Week

Andy Choe - 16 PT, 8-15 FG, 19 RB

Andy is showing again why he led the league in rebounds last season with a scoresheet breaking 19 rebounds. He's a force on both ends of the board and will continue to bully opposing players.

Week 2 Preview (Part 2)

Black vs Blue

This matchup features two teams coming off close wins in week 1. Blue was able to mount a huge comeback against Yellow and win it in the end. Will they be able to come out stronger in the first half this week? They are playing with fire if they keep giving the opposition a double digit lead. They featured a balanced offensive attack with 4 players scoring at least 7 points. and they were able to win the rebounding war with Andrew Seo leading the way. Teams may start to intentionally foul Joon as he seems unable to make a free throw. Blue team in general shot 8-20, which is a great 3pt %, mediocre 2pt%, horrible FT%.

Black was able to pull out a victory last week led by the scoring of Chae Lee, Wilson Pak, and Ron Hong, all scoring in double digits. A team with so many strong guards were only able to get to the free throw line 7 times, but shot 24 3 pointers. A better balance of those two numbers may make an already dangerous offensive team even scarier. One of the potential weaknesses of the team is its lack of size, and that showed last week as they were out rebounded 44-20. They helped make up for that by only committing 4 TOs. This week they will also have captain Joe Hong and Jimmy Choi. How will that affect the play of the team?
Keys To the Game:
Blue: Make free throw, dominate the boards, keep scoring balance
Black: Shoot more free throws, rebound better, win TO battle
Green vs Orange
Both Green and Orange are coming off of tough losses. Which team will be able to break into the win column this week? While Orange was able to dominate the boards (44-20), they were unable to take advantage and make any shots (38% FG, 21% 3FG%, 25% FT%). They will need a more efficient scoring effort from John Lim who shot 5-19, and 1-4 FT. They also had 0 steals and 0 blocks so some more effort on D may also be needed to win this week. They did get a strong game from Andy Choe and should rely on him more for offense this coming week.
Green played an efficient game last week and had a balanced scoring attack led by Darren Seto (22 points), Howard Chung, and Derrell Lashely. However, they only got a combined 7 points from the rest of the team. High picks Ernest Wagner and Daniel Ro will need to contribute more offensively this week to pull out a victory. Outside of Howard. the team shot a combined 1-15 from 3PT. A good shooting team like this needs to do better than that.
Keys to the Game:
Orange: shoot better, more activity on D
Green: more offense from people other than Darren, Howard, Derrell, shoot better 3PT or shoot less 3PT
By: Manu Choinobli

Week 2 Preview (Part 1)

This weeks matchup between Purple and Yellow features two teams that played close games.  Yellow lost by one to Blue and Purple defeated Green by 3.  Yellow's loss was especially devastating as they blew a huge lead and out shot Blue 50% to 35%.  How will Yellow respond this week coming off such a tough loss? Yellow must rebound better and also be more aggressive offensively as they shot 16 3 pointers by only 8 free throw.  Could the team be following captain Winston Chiu's game or was it just nerves of game 1? Having Josh Chun this week should help the team offensively.  Yellow will need a better game from their first round pick Dean Kim and Winston can't go 0-4 from 3pt distance this week.  Purple relied on Hyung Woo Lee for almost 50% of their points this week.  Will they be able to get by again with so much of their offense revolving around one person? Purple will need to crash the boards again to take advantage of Yellow's weakness and hope to get some easy second chance points.

Keys to the Game:
Yellow: Rebound, force someone other then Hyungwoo to score, attack the basket
Purple: More offensive balance, dominate the boards
By: Manu Choinobli


Sorry but I won't have time to put up stats tonight due to an important dinner. Instead enjoy these pictures courtesy of Jae!


First Week

Thanks everyone for coming out and making it a successful opening week of BBL2013. If you haven't paid or turned in your waiver form see Winston Chiu ASAP otherwise you won't be able to play. 

A few notes:

-Please be respectful of the volunteers working the scoretables. They do it so that you don't have to. They are normal people and will make mistakes so please be forgiving! Also we need more people to help out with the score tables please.

-Please pick up your own trash and make sure the area that you're sitting is clean before you leave. We had a few people stay behind and pick up all the trash. 

-No games next weekend, we'll see you July 6th! (Saturday)

What to look forward to!

-Stats will be up by the end of tommorow night! (maybe tonight) 

-Game reviews will be up by Wednesday night!

-Game previews will be up by next Saturday night!


Thank you again and have a safe and great week, God Bless!


Season Preview (part 3)

Yellow Team
Captain: Winston Chiu

Rookies Josh Chun and Dean Kim have a large role to play on this team. Dean Kim is a long bouncy forward that can grab boards and whip the ball around. He has all the skills in the paint and off the dribble to make a difference on offense. Josh Chun is a combo guard that can dish, attack the paint, and shoot the three. He'll occasionally break his own ankles but he'll break yours most of the time so bring that tape. Crafty point guard Pat Ho returns for his second season after averaging (11.9 ppg).He'll need to take his play to the next level this year with his ability to shoot the three, handle the rock, and run the point if Yellow wants to go deep in the playoffs.Forward/Center Tim Yoon a.k.a Yao Ming has a decent shot but will need to play big and aggressive in the paint. He's legendary for his tendency to play soft and patrol the three point line but he can be a total menace when he lets out his mean streak. Rookie Chris Lee is a solid team player that can play with almost anyone and possesses an automatic mid range shot.After parading his three point champion title around for a year, Winston Chiu (10.8 ppg, .524 3 pt%) has to expand his game and be more assertive throughout games.He was spotted sporting a Danny Green Jersey while shooting at the local YMCA. Ben Cho stands at a wee little height of 5'10" but his game plays like a man at 6'4". If you're not careful, you might get bruised after you bump into his ginormous arms. Emerson Jordan is a good guard with long active arms that takes smart shots (.533% FG in 2011).This Yellow Team is solid from the top to the bottom and could deep in the playoffs. They'll need to meshas a team quickly and play team ball if they want to do well.

Blue Team
captain: Joon Son

After Captaining the Dream Team 1.5 last season and losing in the championship, Joon has drafted another championship worthy team. In the polls a whopping 31.8% of voters believe that this team will go all the way. Most likely all those votes were Brian Pak because he visits this site so often... After having a down year offensively last year, Brian Pak (12.2 ppg, 7.0 rpg) will try to live up to title of 2nd most points scored in BBL history. Rookie Andrew Seo and John Park are two large bodies (6'3" and 6'2" respectively) that will add on the an already tall team. Andrew has some skills in the paint and can be a real force when he's aggressive. They're calling John Park the mini "Brian Pak" but Brian Pak might turn out to be the mini "John Park". Freakishly athletic Josh Cheng is a smooth guard that can get into the paint at will. He got to the charity stripe 25 times last year and averaged 2.2 steals per game.Victor Choe is another tall player that plays with a lot of heart and will hustle even after the whistle. Nathan Koh returns from Georgia after missing the  last season of BBL. We wait with baited breath wondering if he still has that game to run a team. Will he make all the other captains regret passing over him? Last time Jo Jung was in the BBL he hit 12 threes in one season. He'll need to shoot a high percentage of those to stretch the floor for the rest of his team. You can't forget about Captain Joon Son (12.6 ppg, 7.7 rpg, 1.9 stls).He's 4th on the list of career points scored.He's been in a shooting slump and mired by injuries this past 6 months but he's been looking good the past two weeks. This tall team has a lot to prove and a lot of players looking to prove themselves. A Championship isn't out of the question but they'll have to battle through a league of tough teams.

by: Asian Persuasion


Schedules have been released. Click on Schedules on the left sidebar!

Season Preview (part 2)

Orange Team
Captain: Alex Mershon

After winning the championship last season, Alex Mershon has selected the Lim brothers again for this season. Tim Lim was second in the league in assists last season and will continue to be a pass first point guard.He will occasionally penetrate and do some damage in the paint. Forward Jon Lim is a fiery competitor that provides length and height averaging almost 8 rebound a game last season. Despite being the recipient of the league's first ever technical foul last year, his skills and attitude will fire up a team.  Andy Choe had a down season last year offensively but should bounce back and do some damage. His ability to block and rebound (2.0 blkpg, 14.2 rpg) while understanding team basketball will be a critical part of this team. He went 1-12 from the three point line but expect him to raise that percentage significantly.The lefty Sam Kim guard only played in one game last season and didn't contribute much. He will be a threat from the 3 point line and will provide much needed guard play for Orange. Eddie Yi has been working hard this off-season and he has a much improved shot and we'll see how that translates to league play. Eddy Cha is a very athletic and quick guard that is eager to learn and will improve over the stretch of the season. Journeyman guard/forward Chris Chi will be solid with his mid range jumper and all-around game. Self proclaimed "big boy" Alex Mershon should be able to make some "big boy" moves in the paint if he's not popping out and shooting 3's. Let's hope that he doesn't wear a full body jumpsuit to a game like last year... Orange Team has a strong starting five but the bench will have to step up and play effective minutes. This team might be tempted to shoot threes but they will live up to their true potential by attacking from the inside out.

Purple Team
Captain: Gene Chun

Hyungwoo "Harden" Lee (20.7 ppg, 7.7 rpg) is the center piece of the Purple Team. Despite playing only 2 games last season, he was still among the league leaders in scoring. His style of play resembles James Harden in the fact that he slashes into the paint with ease and he needs the ball in hishands to be effective. Simon Lee returns to the league after missing last season, he's normally a captain but this year he will focus his energy and time to being a player. He's tall and has big hops so expect him to flirt with a double double every game. Mike Lee is a strong shooting guard that can hit mid range shots and get into the paint. Point guard Seunghan Lee was a critical part of Yellow's championship team in 2010 and his lockdown defense will help the team. Jeremy Check is the epitome of fundementals and is always reliable at the point guard position. Sam Song has not played in a couple of years but the young gun is a smooth guard with a 3 point shot. No pressure at all but big things are expected out of rookie Eunice Jung. Everyone is anticipating the matchup between Grace Han and Eunice Jung as Grace finally has a challenger to her MVG award. The scouting report shows that she has a reliable mid-range jumper and can run with the boys.Gene Chun is always strong down in the paint and even though he can't jump anymore he still gets boards.The Purple team is laden with talent and skilled players but they will need to play as a team to win. Can they build enough team chemistry throughout the season that will end with a championship? Or will Gene Chun be forever be known as "Twinkle Toes". Shot selection will be the focus point of this talented Purple Team.

by: Agent Zero


The waiver form has been updated and you no longer need to provide proof of insurance. Please fill out this new form and bring it in the first game (June 22). Thanks! It can be found under handouts on the left sidebar.

We are also looking for more staff writers so please contact Agent Zero at winstonnchiu@gmail.com

Season Preview (part 1)

Black Team
Captain: Joe Hong

Many look at the Black team and wonder how so many household names got on the roster. Look no further than Joe's superb if not shady drafting. Besides his work behind the scenes, Joe Hong has lost 20 pounds and hopes that his slimmed down figure will translate onto success on the court. Second overall pick Chae Lee is still the league's career leader in scoring even after ending up fourth in ppg last season (14.8 ppg).He has reportly been betting some of the younger players money that he will drop at least thirty points on them. The league sees this as a form of him trying to boost his self confidence but will still investigate this situation and fine him if necessary. Chae Chong is a rookie this season but his seasoned veteran game is no joke. He will make an impact on the offensive side of the ball especially with his quick release from the 3 point line. Ron Hong returns to the league after a two year absence. This bruiser on the boards was known for making sure the scoretable recorded every single one of his rebounds.Jimmy Choi (3rd most career points) is another well known name on this team but his production has been slowing down since his first two seasons in the league. He is still quite effective from the 3 point line hitting 50% of his shots from downtown last season and will be a leader on this team. Wilson Pak is yet another player on this team that can really fill up the stat sheet. He has the most points in a single season averaging 27.4 points per game in 2010. Rookie Daehan Oh is an athletic team player that will hustle and D up. Ron Yi provides some quickness to this aging roster and can hit the occasional three.This is a guard oriented team that lacks some size but will be a handful to stop on offense.If they are hitting their shots expect them to drop at least 60.

Green Team
Captain: Hansoo Jin

The Green is a mixed medley of players led by Daren Seto (20.7 ppg .480 FG% 9.0 rpg). After leading the Red team to the title last season, he comes back even more skilled and is primed to dominate the league. He's deadly in the open court and you might even see him throw down a few dunks. Crafty guard Dro (2nd most career steals) will be solid running the point with perennial MVG (Most Valuable Girl) Grace Han backing him up. Both are able to pour in 3 pointers if left open. It'll be interesting to see how Ernest Wagner will factor into this green team. The long foward will be able to grab boards with ease, hit jumpers, and provide athleticism to the team. Slasher Derrell Lashley (5.4 ppg 1.4 stlpg) is another player that will be able to contribute to the team whether it be moving the ball, playing defense, or hitting the occasionnal three. Stuart Koo didn't get a chance to make his mark on the league yet, but he's shown in his brief time that he can play D and grab boards. Howard Chung... this old timer makes his living on the 3 point line despite hit funky shooting form. He's always poised and ready to drain threes but he might just blow a layup 2 feet away from the basket.Last season Hansoo Jin(1.5 ppg, 1.5 topg) scored a whopping 6 points. Although he won't fill up the stat sheet, his true value lies from the bench where he will bark out information to his team. Daren should be able to carry this team but his teammates will have to contribute otherwise this team will not go far. They might struggle against taller,longer, and more athletic teams but don't underestimate this team. Balance is the key for Green.

by: Agent Zero

Tuesday June 11, 2013

Draft has been completed and Jinsoo Han has selected Grace Han with the first overall pick!Team rosters can be found on the left sidebar.

Grace Han

From an early age she displayed a knack for dribbling the ball so you better watch out otherwise she'll dribble right between your legs. After starting for the Marriotts Ridge High School Boy's Varisty Team all four years and making All-State for three of them, she left high school as the second highest scoring guard and third most made 3-pointers in the state. She was offered a full ride to play D1 ball at Glenelg University where she said quote "I hope to find some competition there that actually challenges me".

by: Agent Zero

Monday June 10, 2013

Draft order and all 48 players are set. After the draft has taken place your captain will contact you regarding your team.

Please continue to spread the website URL as the updates/information will be spread through this website!

All players must fill out a Proof of Insurance Waiver which can be found in handouts(on the left sidebar). Please print it out, fill it out, and bring it completed on the first day of games (June 22).


Hello everyone and welcome to the 5th season of BBL!

IMORTANT: Playoffs will be on the 27th of July (Saturday) and NOT the 28th

We hope you've been working hard on your game during the offseason. Jimmy Choi has stepped up as the Commissioner of the league after Winston Chiu was demoted to co-commissioner. Rumor has it that Winston was found tinkering with the draft order. So if you have any questions be sure to ask Jimmy and NOT Winston. 

Reminder that your $65 is due at the start of the BBL2013 (June 22nd). You can either pay in cash, check (out to Jimmy Choi), or paypal. 

Shirts will be handed out during the first week of games. Teams will be annouced after the draft has taken place.


Captains this year are:

Hansoo Jin - After winning it all in 2010, the newly appointed Reverend Jinsoo Han is in a rut after completely missing the playoffs for two straight seasons. Can he rebound and draft a team that will succeed? Or is it safe to say that his ship in 2010 was a complete fluke?

Joe Hong - Joe returns after taking a season off as captain. His last stint ended with his team going 2-3 and he looks to make a bigger impact this time around. Joe has strung along a bunch of new players from the church Harvest and we look forward to seeing how that will affect his draft strategy. 

Gene Chun - The captain that everyone loves/hates. His team seems to always make the playoffs but he still has never won a championship. Is his time coming to an end? The years have not been kind and Gene will need to take advantage of his limited time in order to accomplish one of his life goals. 

Alex Mershon - Returning again to attempt a two-peat, Alex has shown his skills as a captain by selecting a great supporting cast around Daren Seto last year. Sleeper pick Brian Hong did his work behind the scenes and there's a lot of speculation that he was the true reason behind Red's success. 

Winston Chiu - First time captain Winston Chiu has big questions to answer. What kind of team will he put together? Does he have the ability to lead? Has his poor eating habits finally caught up to him? 

Joon Son - Falling short in the finals last year must have stuck a blow to this hardy captain. Yet as he always does, he will rebound with his resilience to failure and shortcomings. His team should go far in the playoffs again.


Things to look forward to:

- Updated All-Time Leaders!

- Season Previews

- Draft Results

- JUNE 22nd!