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Introducing the 2017 Varsity Bulldogs!

Congrats Seniors!!

June 10, 2017

Congrats to our 6 seniors on their graduation from Bedford High on Saturday 6/10.

Morgan, Caroline, Katelyn, Erin, Anna, and Molly - we are so proud of you! Wishing you nothing but the best as you all go on to continue your education at very noteworthy colleges and universities. You will always be a member of the Bedford Volleyball Family!

Once a Bulldog - Always a Bulldog. 

Good Luck With Finals!

June 12, 2017

There will be NO OPEN GYM on Wednesday 6/14 so that the girls can focus on their finals.

Please Read: Confusion with Concussion Testing - Answers (Hopefully)




I think there has been some confusion with there being two separate baseline concussion tests going on. I’m happy to explain and you can forward this email to athletes and their families.

We are still doing the ImPACT (computer based) concussion baseline testing this year. Incoming Freshmen, next year’s Juniors, first time athletes are still required to take it. Testing dates for specific sports are listed on the BHS athletics web page

Now, we (Safe Sports Network) are implementing a new testing format, a balance portion. An IPad is connected to the athlete and measures their balance through a series of tests. That test is called C3logix. For this test, since it is new, we will need to have ALL ATHLETES take the test regardless of grade. This is mandatory if an athlete wants to play.

HOWEVER, we started this testing format this past spring, so any athlete that did a spring sport and took the test should be all set for the next school year and DOES NOT need to sign up for testing.

Testing dates for this test are the 15th, 16th, 17th. An athlete only needs to sign up for one 20-minute time slot on one of those dates

Our hope is to test Winter athletes as well. Spring athletes (who haven’t tested and/or incoming freshmen) are also welcomed and encouraged to come.

Sign up information can be found on the BHS Athletics Website, in the packet athletes got at sign ups, or on the Safe Sports Network website at

If anyone has any questions, please let me know.



Eric Gelinas, MS, ATC, NHLAT

Assistant Director of Safe Sports Network

Athletic Trainers Governing Board Member

Head Athletic Trainer – Bedford High School

Office: (603) 627-9728

Cell: (603) 345-0719



Bedford Freshman Team Wins Freshman Division I Volleyball Tournament


Image result for Bulldog Volleyball Champs


2015  NHIAA Division I Freshman Tournament Champions




Bedford Volleyball important dates 2016:

June/July  (Tuesday) 5:30-7pm  ----- Open Gym 
August 10 (Wednesday) ----- Rivier team playdate
August 15-17th (Mon-Wed) ----- tryouts
August 20th (Saturday) ----- Jv Scrimmage @ Home
August 21st (Sunday) ----- Varsity Scrimmage @ Londonderry
August 22-24th (Monday-Wed) ----- Varsity Team bonding trip Maine
August 24th (Wednesday) ----- Meet the coaches night at BHS
August 25th (Thursday) ----- First Day of School August 27th (Saturday) ----- Varsity Jamboree @ NHTI


Monday 8/15
Freshman 3-5 BHS gym
SO, Jr, Sr 5:30-7:30 BHS gym

Tuesday 8/16
Freshman 3-5pm BHS gym
SO, Jr, Sr 5:30-7:30 BHS gym

Wednesday 8/17
Freshman 3-5pm BHS gym
SO, Jr, Sr 6-8pm BHS gym
Please check out our Team PaperWork Section for camp, schedules and calendar information


Parents: When To Approach The Coach

April 16, 2014 By Michele Smith


I think nowadays we have a tendency to be helicopter parents that hover over our children because we do not want them to struggle or be in adverse situations. Parents too often bail their kids out when they should actually teach them how to conquer these situations on their own.

When your child isn’t getting enough playing time for whatever reason, they need to learn to use sitting on the bench as motivation to work a little harder. If they are not the best or most talented on the team, they should put in that extra effort not only on the field during practice, but off the field as well. We all have special gifts and some players have more abilities than others, but baseball and softball are team sports and the best teams win.  Learning to help the team no matter what your roll– is important. Every player on the bench has a specific roll, so learning to embrace that roll is a very important lesson for both athletes and parents.

One thing that should be instilled in young athletes is that taking initiative and going out and practicing on your own is necessary to become a great player. You can practice every aspect of the sport on your own. Skills such as body mechanics, hitting and throwing mechanics, fielding, etc., can all be worked on outside of an organized practice. All of the little things athletes do on their own are what help them develop into great players, not just the things they do during a game or at practice with a coach.

My parents taught me to respect my coaches and respect their decisions. Instead of giving me an out, they challenged me to work harder and really earn every minute of playing time I got. If I was not playing for whatever reason, they challenged me to be better, to work harder.

There is a fine line between what we need to do as parents to protect our children and what we need to do to inspire them to work harder and be tougher both mentally and emotionally. It’s important to sometimes step back and not be so reactionary. Parents need to analyze the situation first and understand why these decisions are being made before they jump into the situation. I learned to work through many adverse game situations because I was not rescued at the first sight of trouble. Working through those tough situations made me mentally stronger, boosted my confidence, and heightened my ability. I learned to believe in myself no matter what the situation. Trusting yourself as an athlete is a must for success.