Bedlam Basketball was born out of the desire to provide an environment and opportunity to foster skill development as well as competitive, successful teams for the basketball players wanting to take their games to the next level. Our coaching staff has over 60 years of basketball mentoring and coaching experience, and includes current high school varsity and AAU coaches, former NCAA student-athletes (Div 1, 2, and 3), and NCAA certified coaching credentials.  Whether at the grade school, middle school or high school level, our experienced coaching staff is committed to teaching Bedlam Basketball core philosophies - a strong work ethic, willingness to learn, personal goal setting, and teamwork. We believe these qualities breed success both individually and collectively, and above all will be a foundation for success beyond their playing days.
Our goals:
  • Prepare student athletes at all levels and stages of their basketball and personal journey, including playing at the collegiate level.
  • Challenging each player to maximize their mental and physical athletic potential.
  • Develop requisite basketball skills to compete against the best competition around the country.
  • Facilitate a rewarding experience.