7th Annual Backyard Wiffleball Tournament

Welcome back to another great year of wiffleball! I hope all are excited for another great tournament! Pool Play will begin on August 11th and continue into August 12th (see schedule below). New to this season is a bigger field and more players per team! 3 fielders and 4 batters are allowed per team. This year there are 4 team participating. Everyone will play each other once. After pool play everyone will be re-seeded into a double elimination bracket. Once the last two teams are determined, they will face off in a best-of-3 series to crown this years Champion!

2018 Backyard Wiffleball Rules

1. Batters are only allowed to use the Yellow regulation size Wiffleball bats.

2. Balls used are regulation Wiffleballs with knife cuts through them.

3. Pool Play: Each player will play 1 game against every opponent.

4. Pool Play games will be 6 innings, 2 outs. 20 run mercy rule after the 2nd inning, 15 run mercy after 3rd inning, and 10 run mercy after 4th inning. 

5. Re-Seeding
     a. First, teams will be seeded by Wins/win percentage
     b. If at any point there is a tie in the seedings, teams will be seeded by:
           1. Runs For (RF)
           2. Runs Allowed (RA)
           3. Home runs Hit (HR)
           4. Strikeouts For (SO)
     c. After pool play the top 4 teams in the standings will be put into a double elimination bracket. Last team standing will become the champion!
     d. Home field will be determined by your seed. Highest seed gets home field advantage. 

     e. Mercy rule will be in effect during playoffs. 

Ground Rules: 


            No cleats!

      a. Batting orders include no less than 3 players and no more than 4 players. 

      b. Foul lines will be painted onto the field to determine the boundaries of the field.
      c. Home runs are if the ball is fair once it crosses the fence. 
      d. If the ball rolls under the fence it is a ground rule double. 

      e. If the ball is thrown out of play the runner is awarded one base.

            Ex:      drive way 

                        over the fence 

                        in the bushes

                        behind the back stop

                        over the garage

                        hitting any part of the house including the porch
      f. Batters are allowed to bunt, but the ball must go past the bunting line which will be painted on the field. If it doesn't go past the line it is a foul ball. If the batter bunts with 2 strikes and it goes foul the batter is out.

      g. Runners can only call "time out" on a base if they are stationary on the base they reach. Ex: You cannot run through the base and as you touch it call time. Once you get to the desired base, you must stop on the base and then you may call "time out."

      a. 4 balls, 3 strikes. Hit batsmen is a ball. If the pitcher hits the strike zone it is a strike. If the batter fouls the 3rd strike into the middle of the strike zone (not the plastic rectangle) it is a strike out assuming the catcher caught it.
      b. A reasonable speed is allowed. Umps decision. First time will be a warning unless it is a ridiculous speed. If the pitch is told to be too fast it is called a ball. If it is warning it is called whatever it was pitched. 
      c. Pitchers are not allowed to pitch in front of the pitcher’s mound, but they may pitch behind the rubber within a reasonable distance.

      d. Pitchers may not pitch back to back games unless the first game they pitched 3 innings or less. 

            Ex. Two pitchers can pitch 3 innings each in a game and both can pitch for the teams next game. 

     a. 3 fielders in the field at a time. 

     b. Catching the ball off the bat before it hits the ground is an out.
     c. Tagging a base before the base runner gets to the base is an out unless it is not a force play.
     d. Throwing the ball at the base runner and hitting them before they get to the base is an out, unless the runner is hit in the head then the runner is safe. If the runner is sliding into a base and is hit in the head they are out. 
     e. If the bases are loaded you can throw the ball at the strike zone to get the runner at home, but you must hit the strike zone before the runner gets to the base.