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Bergholz Wiffleball League has now accepted baseball games to count as league games instead of just Wiffleball. They have done this as part to keep their league together and running. This allows players not to be harmed by swinging a light bat and throw in a light ball. This now allows the teams to play BWBL games without affecting their baseball skills. Bergholz Wiffleball League is still a mainly Wiffleball league but will now allow "pickup" baseball games to count for their league record.

Opening day for the 2016 season will be held Monday, May, 30th, 2016 featuring the first games for 4 of the 8 teams. Each of the 4 will play 3 games. The games will last from 12-6 pm.





Power Rankings 2016 

1. South Bergholz Indians (PR 1,1) (GB 0) (ATR 29-1) (19-1)

South Bergholz has a record of 18-1 now with some added forfeit wins but they are very hot as of now. They have a 28-1 all time record in the Bergholz Wiffleball League and are out scoring opponents by a score of 157-36. But their 1 loss record might be in jeopardy because of the suspended game against Northeast Bergholz where they only lead 18-14 in the final inning with Northeast Bergholz storming back. They still look like easily the best team.

2. Northeast Bergholz Nationals (PR 2,7) (GB 6) (ATR 18-10) (12-6)

Northeast Bergholz is absolutely rolling right now. They are now up to 11-6 after picking up some key wins against a good team in North Bergholz. They were not just wins they were good wins. They just finished up a 2 game series with North Bergholz sweeping them and winning both of the games by walkoffs. Yes that means that in the 4 times they have won against the Black Stallions they have won 3 of them by walkoffs and all of them were homeruns. Now streaking they have a big game that needs finished coming up in which they are playing South Bergholz where they are down 18-14 but are on a huge rampage of a comeback. If they can finish that off they might just fing themselves in 1st!

3. North Bergholz Black Stallions (PR 3,3) (GB 9) (ATR 18-12) (10-10)

Sliding, sliding, sliding this is what is happening to North Bergholz right now and yes they have been able to stay around .500 but if it wasn't for 5 forfeit wins they would be 5-9. They looked as if they were just competing with South Bergholz for 1st place and after a big win against them it looked as if they might be getting it done. But, then they met Northeast Bergholz who beat them and then South Bergholz who showed they were not planning on losing again. They are very lucky to be where they are at right now. A couple more losses and they could find themselves sliding way down.

4. Carrollton Phillies (PR 5,5) (GB 10) (ATR 4-6) (4-6)

Well they are 4-6 without even playing a game but, we should see them in action soon and they could be a serious contender depending if they can shake off the rust. 

5. Carrollton Warriors (PR 4,4) (GB 10) (ATR 4-6) (4-6)

Probably one of the top contenders just not to consistent yet. They are also 4-6 without playing a game and when they start playing are projected to make some serious noise.

6. East Bergholz Yankees (PR 6,2) (GB 8) (ATR 7-11) (5-3)

The East Bergholz Yankees are 5-2 but in games they actually are 0-2. In the 2 games they played in their play was poor and was disappointing losing both. On the bright side they were against the top 2 teams in these power rankings but they still played poor. They have great potential and can be a contender but they really need to shake off the rust.

7. Richmond Dodgers (PR 7,6) (GB 19.5) (ATR 0-31) (0-21)

They are 0-21 but really have nothing to worry about. Yes they really have no chance to get a good seed in the playoffs but they can still compete with anyone. All 21 of their losses came from forfeits due to not being able to make anything in the meantime so they had to forfeit 3 games to each team. They also have great potential but also are really rusty. If they can get back into the swing of things they are dangerous. 

8. Southwest Bergholz Pirates (PR 9,9) (GB 9.5) (ATR 9-12) (5-6)

 Southwest Bergholz is a very young team. The youngest in the league but, they are pretty talented and have given some good teams some good scares. They still haven't won a game due to all their wins coming from forfeits but, they will and will soon. They don't seem like a team that will win it all but are definently capable of pulling an upset. Especially in their best venue to play in the McBane Dome.



PR = Prior Ranking       GB = Games Behind       ATR = All Time Record

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Congratulations to the South Bergholz Indians

Congratulations the South Bergholz Indians who finished the season 10-0 And claimed the regular season title for the Bergholz Wiffleball League. Now it's tournament time and they will have the target on their back as the number 1 overall seed

Each Wiffle ball team must have only one player

No player can argue with the umpire, the umpires final call is the call

Each game lasts for 2 innings, the first requires 2 outs the second requires 1

The first inning has a five run rule, the second is unlimited 

In the first inning a player can score up to 8 points if they have 4 runs and hit a grandslam, can also score 6 an 7 runs

A pitcher can either throw slow with his right hand or fast with his left

You can get someone out by throwing the ball at them

There is no new counts unless the batter says so if he gets walked with bases loaded and 4 runs

A Homerun is over the white line

If a ball goes out of play the runner advances one base