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Well football fans, here it is…Homecoming Week in Cumberland, Maryland.  Possibly the biggest weekend for the local football nuts each year.  Red vs. Blue, Blue vs. Red in yet another game of who’s the best for the rest of the year.

As usual at least for the last decade or so, the Sentinels have been the masters of Homecoming virtually naming the score each and every year.  With some exceptions like the 2017 classic where the Campers on a two point conversion could of upset the apple cart but just couldn’t get into the end zone at the end of the game.  The Sentinels went on to win another state championship that year.

Year in and year out it all comes down to this game regardless of the respective team’s season records.  This year will be no different either.  The mighty Sentinels again come into the game as the juggernaut that they are.  Scoring at will in most games, overpowering opponents early in the game and subbing in their bench to end the game with a running clock.

The Campers on the other hand have had one of the worst seasons in school history.  What started off with a decent team with lots of returning talent turned into a season of nightmares for the players, coaches and fans alike.  This is only the fourth season in Allegany history that they only won 2 games in a single season.  In 1946 & 47, Allegany was 2-7-1 and 2-6-2 respectfully.  In 1969 they were 2-8 and it looks like 2019 with be the first time in 50 years since a 2 win season has happened.

However it should be known that the 1948 season was 9-0-1 with Earl Bruce and in 1971 Alco was undefeated 10-0 with the famous Thanksgiving Snow Game.

The Campers 2019 season will be remembered as the Cumberland version of the battle of Little Big Horn where General Custer’s troops were destroyed in a battle with an Indian nation.  The Campers started off with a significant player academically ineligible, a game or two later no less than four first line players were sidelined for significant or rest of the season injuries.  They lost a very close ball game in the final offensive play of the game only to comeback a defeat a decent team the following week and lastly were forced to dress all freshmen and sophomores to have the numbers to compete.

The good times and bad time goes both ways as the Sentinels too have had some bad seasons and injury problems, but as we see now have come out alright with their current run of wins and championships.

The numbers game for football in Allegany County has really swung the wrong way for the Campers as well.  Winning is a great recruiter for any team and this is where the Sentinels are on the winning side of the numbers game.

Now most will say that this homecoming game will be a lopsided blowout, and it just might be just that.  However no matter what happens this coming Saturday, the Campers and Sentinels will field 11 players on each side of the ball.  Each team will play their specific type of offense and defense and last but not least, one team will win and the other will loss.

Regardless of who wins, both teams will still respect each other after the final whistle and shake hands at the end of the game.  Win or lose, both teams have seniors that in most cases will never don a football uniform again and go on with their lives.  The coaches will either plan for the playoffs or start the long process of starting over again for the next season.  The fans and prognosticators can brag for the next year about who is the best, but the best thing about it is, it’s all Cumberland, it’s our schools, our teams and it is a thing of pride for us all.

So win or lose this Saturday, go out to the game and enjoy it.  Cheer on all those kids who have worked so hard since last year for their big day.  Congratulate them at the end and be happy will still have this wonderful thing we call…HOMECOMING.






It was a wonderful night in Accident, no rain, fog or worse yet snow.  The game was a very even one as both the Huskies and Campers were back and forth.  The Huskies owned the first half and the Campers most of the second half.

The first half the Huskies were spot on with their running game.  Their quarterback was hitting the hole between the guard and tackle like a pro and he had the speed to get through that line and continue on for two different plays for touchdowns.  The Campers seemed confused most of the first half.  Never seeming to get into the right defensive alignment and missing assignments.  Plus the Huskies were literally blowing Alco off the ball on every play.

The second half was totally different in the way the Campers came out determined to take over the game and run their offense like it is supposed to be.  The Campers took the second half kickoff and proceeded to march down the field with hard hitting, heads up running and determination that led to two quick scores in the 3rd quarter.

On their third drive the Campers were again on the march getting 4 to 5 yards per carry and again marching down the field.  Only on this drive, the Campers just ran off a 20 yard run to mid-field.  The running back was tackled and blown dead when suddenly the head official’s flag came out at the line of scrimmage for blocking below the waist call by a Camper lineman on a Huskie player when the play was 20 yards down field.  The result was a personal foul that brought the ball back to the line of scrimmage plus the 15 yard penalty for the infraction.

With that flag and penalty, the Camper momentum stopped and the game turned into a defensive battle for the rest of the game.

The Huskies are a good team and will do well in the playoffs.  The Campers needed to win this game to have some sort of chance to make the 2019 1A playoffs.  With that loss, that dream of making the playoffs ended for the Campers.

With all this being said, the Campers, although down 21-0 at halftime, made some very good adjustments at halftime and came out and for the entire third and some of the fourth quarters, took over the game and looked like the Campers of old.

Although the Campers lost this game, I was amazed and very proud of the fact that they did not quit during the game or give up knowing that being down 21-0 was too big for them to overcome.  No, they came out and fought back, ran the ball hard, hit hard and played defense that stopped the Huskies run game in its tracks.  That’s the Allegany I have grown to love.

The 2019 season for the Campers has been a challenge for the players, coaches and fans all season.  With a few exceptions, the team is as one.  Each looks after each other and support other team mates.  Injuries, lack of players, using freshmen and JV players to make up a viable team was a season long thing for the Blue and White.  However…the Boys in Blue did not quit.  Did not shun the competition nor did they resort to illegal tactics during the season due to frustration.  And for that…I am extremely proud of our boys in blue.  It was a bad season for sure, but for me these boys proved to me that it’s not all about the wins, but about the comraderies’, teamwork and friendships that were made during the season.  The Campers may not have won on the field of play, but then won in the hearts of the coaches, fans and alumni.   


Northern wins fourth straight


Huskies hold off Campers’ second-half rally, 21-14



ACCIDENT — Junior quarterback Zach Hallenbeck ran for all three Northern touchdowns as the Huskies edged past visiting Allegany, 21-14 Friday night at Half-Mile Stadium.

Each team took turns dominating the game. Northern held the edge in the first two quarters as it built its lead to 21-0 at halftime. Alco rebounded with two third-quarter touchdowns that cut into the deficit. Allegany’s final possession lasted much of the fourth quarter but stalled following an illegal blocking penalty and a sack from the Husky defense. Northern ran out the clock on its final drive. The win is the fourth straight for Northern as it improves to 7-1. Meanwhile, the Campers slip to 2-6 with their third straight loss. “A win is a win against Allegany as that doesn’t happen much here at Northern,” said Husky head coach Phil Carr. “We had to grind and I think this is a big game for us playing without Jake (Rush). I like the win tonight. I know it was a struggle in the second half, but I like it.”

Northern outgained Alco 240-212 and the Huskies took advantage of good field position. Northern’s three scoring drives started inside Alco territory and all three covered less than 40 yards. On the flip side, the Campers first scoring drive of

the third quarter was 67 yards, the longest of the night for either team.

Hallenbeck capped the game’s opening drive with an eight-yard TD run for a quick 6-0 lead less than two minutes into the game. Hallenbeck set up the score when he completed a pass to Isaac Bittinger for 23 yards on third and 11 to the Alco eight. Jamison Warnick took the opening kickoff 49 yards to the Alco 30.

Hallenbeck made it 14-0 on Northern’s third drive as he darted around the right side of the line for a 25-yard scoring run. Following the TD, he ran in for two points as the scoreboard read 14-0 with 1:45 left in the first quarter.

Hallenbeck made it three scores in the first half when he pushed his way into the end zone from a yard out for a 21-0 cushion with 4:12 showing in the second quarter. The score capitalized on an Alco fumble at its own 39.

“We bent a little at the end but we didn’t break. I think it’s a great team win,” said Hallenbeck. “The first half was pretty good as the (offensive) line did an amazing job opening up holes.”

Allegany managed just 57 yards through the first 24 minutes.

However, the Campers got going on the opening possession of the third quarter when they marched 67 yards in eight plays for a score. J.D. Shambaugh carried the ball four times on the drive for 40 yards and Trevan Powell got the final carry as he scored from a yard out.

On the ensuing Camper possession, Powell scored again from a yard out that started inside Northern territory at the 47. Powell ran the ball six times, including runs of eight, 11 and 12 yards before the one-yard TD.

“I thought the first half we were playing a lot of young kids and we gave up that big opening kick return and I think it flattened them and we didn’t recover,” said Alco head coach Bryan Hansel. “I thought they came back out and got into a rhythm and we made it 21-14. I thought the second half they competed, I wish we played the whole game like that.”

Alco outgained Northern in the second half 155-101, but couldn’t recover from the halftime deficit.

Powell finished with 115 yards on 27 carries, while Shambaugh ran 11 times for 73 yards.

Hallenbeck finished with 138 yards rushing on 15 carries and he completed four passes for 43 yards. Hunter Meyers added 49 yards on seven carries.

Northern hosts county-rival Southern on Friday and Allegany visits Fort Hill next Saturday afternoon at 12:30 p.m.

We bent a little at the end but we didn’t break. I think it’s a great team win.” 



Keyser’s streak continues


Tornado dominates Allegany, wins 49-0 for their sixth-straight shutout

As suspected, the Campers traveled to Tornado Alley and a Tornado they got.  Keyser football for 2019 is loaded with talent.  Fast, big and well coached.  Keyser is on a mission for 2019.  The tornado has only allowed 7 points for the entire season.  They seem to be able to score at will from anywhere on the field.  They are a great team and will do well in the West Virginia playoffs.

The undermanned Campers knew they had their work cut out for them.  Their injury list rivals that of a combat unit after a battle.  Despite all the injuries and having to utilized the JV/Freshmen teams as a whole, Allegany played the game to the end.  They never gave up, never had any problems as to fighting or arguing nor did they hassle the official during the game.

The Campers are young and will be for the next couple of seasons, but they are dedicated to the sport of Allegany football.  Willing to come out in the heat of August, lift those weights, run, sweat and become a team, they are brothers in football pads.

Although the numbers aren't as good as we all would like them, our boys are still a team and we as Allegany fans love them dearly.   



KEYSER, W.Va. — Two players rushed for two touchdowns and Ryan Shoemaker ran for one and passed for another as Keyser stretched its shutout streak to six with a 49-0 victory over Allegany Friday evening at Alumni and Friends Stadium at Tornado Alley.

The Golden Tornado (7-0) overpowered the Campers, gaining 531 total yards while limiting the Campers to 88.

The running game churned for 489 yards and held Allegany to 85.

Shoemaker, on the strength of a 71-yard run early in the second quarter, finished as the team’s leading rusher with 121 yards on eight carries. He passed for 53 more, completing 2 of 4 passes.

Drae Allen and Shoemaker were responsible for all first-half touchdowns as Keyser built a 28-0 lead after two quarters.

On Keyser’s first possession after forcing Allegany to a three-and-out on its first possession, the Tornado marched 67 yards on eight plays and took a 7-0 lead on Allen’s three-yard run and the first of seven consecutive extra points by Seth Earnest.

On Keyser’s next possession, it took advantage of a short field going 44 yards on seven plays capped by Shoemaker’s eight-yard run.

In the second quarter, a pair of penalties pushed Keyser back to inside its 10 before Shoemaker broke free on his 71-yard run that set up Allen’s eight-yard run.

“That’s kind of been their trademark,” Keyser head coach Sean Biser said about the penalty-filled start to the touchdown. “They just put their head down and keep playing.”

Late in the second quarter, after the Golden Tornado was forced to turn it over on downs at the Allegany 30, it got the ball back two plays later when D.J. Cochran recovered an Allegany fumble at the Camper 32 — the only turnover of the game — and scored on the next play when Shoemaker threw a flanker screen to Gavin Root who took the rest of the way for the 32-yard score.

“The fumble right before halftime, you know, we’re down 21-0 and we force them to a three-and-out. That was a 14-point swing,” said Allegany head coach Bryan Hansel. “It wasn’t going to change the game, but it would have made us more competitive. Keyser’s a good football team this year. They’re going to compete for a state title this year. They’re big, they’re strong and disciplined.”

The third quarter belonged to Caden Biser, who finished as the team’s second leading rusher with 108 yards on 11 carries. He scored on touchdown runs of 58 and 13 yards.

In the fourth quarter, Logan Proud took off on a 64-yard run. 



Silver Oak soars past Allegany

Kelly passes for six touchdowns, runs for two more in 54-28 shocker


The Allegany Campers got a huge wake up call last Friday in Keymar, Maryland.  Things like this happen when you think to yourselves that...we got this...this is a cake walk...no way can SOA hang with us!  Well that attitude and way of thinking certainly reared its ugly head as the Big Blue football team found out that they aren't so big but are definitely blue!

Most everyone you talked to was under the impression that the Campers, as they have from the start with every game they have played against Silver Oak was...this is just another blowout...we shouldn't be playing this low of competition and so forth.  The trouble is...NOBODY TOLD SILVER OAK!

The Rams with all 15 players came to play and play they did as they embarrassed the Campers running, passing and playing good defense.

We from Cumberland have said Allegany is having troubles with numbers, players and so on.  Well the Rams only had 15 players.  That's 4 substitutes on the bench for both sides of the ball.  No JV or Freshmen teams for the Rams, its just they use what they have and do what they can.

The results were the Campers were handed a resounding defeat to a team that came to play football.  Could this be one of the lowest points of Allegany football?  Maybe.  This should be a wake up call to the Boy in Blue on the West side.  There was no enthusiasm on the side lines, no inter-players communication and what was earlier stated...don't worry we got this!  Yeah they got it alright, right smack in the mouth.

As the Big Blue Forever talked to several fans and parents who came to the ball game, we all couldn't figure out how we got to the game after having to drive through Catoctin State Park with its winding roads, hairpin turns but beautiful scenery.  However after that conversation it reverted by to what is going on with this team.  I personally don't know but if this team shows up in Keyser next week with this attitude...well...Katy bar the door.

In closing this rant, I have to give credit to the Silver Oak team.  They come to play every week.  However this week they were not to be denied. 




KEYMAR — Taron Kelly passed for six touchdowns and rushed for two more in leading Silver Oak Academy to a shocking 54-28 victory over visiting Allegany Friday night.

Kelly was 8 of 11 for 425 yards as the Rams scored quickly and often against the Campers. Silver Oak’s longest drive consisted of four plays as it won its first game of the season.

Allegany ran the ball for 64 times for 436 yards led by Trevan Powell’s 227 yards on 31 carries and one touchdown. Braylon White had 114 yards on 14 carries and Trevor Milburn scored the game’s first touchdown that gave the Campers a 7-0 lead.

Quarterback Grant Cain was 3 of 6 for 60 yards and a 27-yard touchdown pass to Anthony Joseph in the fourth quarter.

The Rams carried the ball 17 times for 130 yards, most of it coming in the second half where they outscored the Campers 36-21.

Silver Oak (1-7) finished with 555 yards to Allegany’s 496.

“We’re as low as we can go,” said Allegany head coach Bryan Hansel. “It’s been a rough season and to come down here and lose to Silver Oak.

“We had seven fumbles, maybe eight, six lost. I mean, we couldn’t beat the Braddock Warriors playing like that.”

The story of the game was the turnovers. Allegany actually had six fumbles and lost five. Silver Oak lost its only fumble in the first half that stopped a scoring drive. Neither team had an interception.

After the Campers’ took a 7-0 lead on Milburn’s score, the Rams needed two plays to score and it came on an 80-yard catch-and-run from Kelly to Pierre Briggs for 80 yards. The two-point conversion pass was incomplete and the Campers’ stayed ahead 7-6.

Allegany’s next possession ended after a fourth-down run came up short. Silver Oak took the lead for good at 12-7 on a 69-yard touchdown pass on the next play from Kelly to Adrien Henderson with 3:16 to go in the first quarter.

The team’s then exchanged fumbles before the Campers’ second loss fumble led to an 81-yard touchdown reception from Kelly to Briggs and an 18-7 halftime lead.

Kelly was 5 of 7 for 244 yards and three touchdowns in the first half alone. In the second half, the Campers failed to stop Silver Oak again when Kelly scored on a 41-yard run and the 26-7 lead.

After another Allegany fumble, Kelly threw another long touchdown pass and then converted the two-point conversion for a 34-7 lead. The Campers’ responded on Powell’s short touchdown run set up by his 50-yard scamper with 5:48 to go in the third quarter and a 20-point deficit at 34-14.

Thirteen seconds later, Kelly scored on a 49-yard run and hit Henderson on a 98-yard catch-and-run score at 4:02 after capitalizing on yet another lost fumble and a 48-14 lead going into the fourth quarter. 



Powell, Allegany stop Smithsburg 32-18


Junior scores 5 TDs, runs for 269 yards


It was an absolute beautiful night at Greenway Avenue Stadium as the Leopards of Smithsburg took the field.  The Camper fans were eager to see who was going to be playing for the Big Blue after last weeks disturbing injury attack on the Campers lineup.

At first all seemed like the Campers may be in for a long night as the Leopard marched down the field and scored first in the game.  Then something kicked in!  The Alco team seemed to realize they needed to close ranks and play football like only Allegany can play...and play they did.

Following a game with Albert Gallatin where Christian Welsh was about to break a long standing "yards per game" state record, he went down with a season ending injury.  In comes Trevan Powell and picks up right where Christian left of and that is run and score.

In the game with Smithsburg, that mentality carried over and the Boys in Blue came through with flying colors to come from behind with a scoring binge and 2 outstanding defensive stands in the 4th quarter.  Many players stepped up in the game including Freshmen and several JV players as well.  Freshman Brendan Hogamier had an outstanding game at defensive end.  Connor Sevinski, Joe Court and Zach Tenney all played their hearts out.  How about Caden Bratton, Braylon White and Hayden Lancaster really putting in some quality time on the field as well.

It was a team effort that really reminded us all that Allegany football is not dead.  Its alive and breathing well thanks to all our boys in blue.



CUMBERLAND — Trevan Powell ran for 269 yards and five touchdowns to lead Allegany to a come-from-behind victory over Smithsburg Friday evening at Greenway Avenue Stadium.


Powell carried the ball 30 times and twice helped the Campers retake the lead after a Smithsburg score.


“We feel bad for him,” Allegany head coach Bryan Hansel said. “He doesn’t get the blocks he needs. We put him at half (back), he doesn’t get the blocks. But he’s a competitor and I couldn’t be prouder of him.” The Leopards’ sophomore quarterback Louis Lindsay proved to be slippery early for the young Campers, who are forced to play several sophomores and freshmen due to a rash of recent injuries. Lindsay ran for 228 yards on 22 attempts and he scored two touchdowns.


Smithsburg scored on its opening drive of each half.


After winning the toss and electing to receive, Lindsay ran around the right side for a 14-yard touchdown and the 6-0 lead after he missed the extra-point kick. The drive was kept alive by an 18-yard run on a fake punt on fourth and two. The drive traveled 60 yards on six plays.


Later in the first quarter, Powell scored on a one-yard run after breaking free for 39 yards on the previous play and the missed extra point tied the game at 6-6 with 3:27 left in the quarter. It took four plays to go 49 yards.


The Leopards answered on their next possession, going 43 yards in 12 plays capped off by Aiden Ensor’s one-yard run. Allegany blocked the extra point to trail 12-6 at 9:06 of the second quarter.


Allegany’s turn. The Campers marched 59 yards on 11 plays and scored on Powell’s 24 -yard run up the middle and took the 13-12 lead on Grant Cain’s extra-point.


The Campers’ Zach Tenney intercepted Lindsay at the goal line to preserve their one-point lead.


Smithsburg opened the second half with an onside kick — their second of the game — and recovered. Lindsay and Austin Smith took the Leopards down the field with Lindsay scoring on a 19-yard run. Smith got them in position with a 15-yard run to the Campers’ 23. The failed two point run made It took Allegany 19 seconds to regain momentum. After


Smithsburg’s third onside kick was recovered by the Campers, Trevor Milburn, who finished with 72 yards rushing, broke loose on a 48-yard run to the Leopards’ one, where Powell ran it in on the next play and the 19-18 lead.


Smithsburg threatened again, but a Leopards fumble was recovered by Allegany’s Hayden Lancaster recovered. The Campers moved 72 yards on 10 plays — mostly on Powell runs and he capped it from the three and a 25-18 lead.


In the fourth quarter, Smithsburg again got deep into Allegany territory before being forced to turn it over on downs at the 15.


The Leopards got one more chance to tie after intercepting Grant Cain’s pass at their goal line, but Smithsburg was forced to go for it from their 34 on fourth down and Lindsay’s deep pass fell incomplete.


Two plays later, Powell broke free over the right side and scored on a 33-yard run.


Allegany finished with 376 total yards to Smithsburg’s 301 and had 16 first downs to 15.


Smithsburg (1-4) fumbled three times — losing one — and had two interceptions. Allegany lost one fumble and had an interception.


After Smithsburg’s third onside kick was recovered by the Campers, Allegany (2-3) visits Silver Oak Academy and Smithsburg hosts Clear Spring on Friday.

Article from the Herald Mail Hagerstown:

Campers pull away from Leopards in 2nd half


CUMBERLAND, Md. — The Leopards (1-4) held a five-point lead early in the second half, but the Campers (2-3) had the answers to score the victory.

Smithsburg marched for a TD on its opening drive, with Louis Lindsay finding the end zone on a quarterback keeper for a 6-0 lead with 8:49 left in the first quarter.

Allegany drove 50 yards for a TD to tie the game at 6 with 3:27 left in the period.

Aiden Ensor took a pitch to the left side for a 2-yard score and a 12-6 Leopards lead with 9:06 left in the second quarter.

The Campers answered with a touchdown drive, and the extra point gave them a 13-12 lead 2:41 before halftime.

Smithsburg recovered an onside kick to start the second half, and Lindsay scored on a 6-yard keeper for an 18-13 lead with 8:28 left in the third quarter.

Allegany needed just 17 seconds to score and regain the lead at 19-18. The Campers then recovered a fumble and scored again to make it 25-18 with 2:12 left in the period.

Allegany added a touchdown with 2:40 left in the game for the final points.




Allegany outlasts Albert Gallatin 49-28


Victory costly as three starters may be lost for season


In a game that the winless Campers desperately needed to win, win they did with another thriller at Greenway Stadium.  However, the cost of this victory over the Gallatin Colonials was very costly in that the Campers lost 4 players to injury...three of which are finished for the season.

RB Christian Welch, WR Dorian Terrell and C/DL Dylan Clark were knocked out of action and yet another suffered a concussion to top off the evening for these young seniors for 2019.

The game was back and forth until the forth quarter when the Campers seemed to take command of the game and pull away from the Colonials who were undefeated coming into the contest.

The Big Blue Forever sincerely wishes all these young men a speedy recovery and want to thank them all for the thrills and excitement they provided during their football career at Allegany.





CUMBERLAND — Christian Welch rushed for over 350 yards before being stretchered off the field and taken out in an ambulance, but Trevan Powell closed up shop with a trio of late touchdowns as Allegany collected its first victory of the season against previously- unbeaten Albert Gallatin, 49-28, Friday night at Greenway Avenue Stadium.


Welch finished with 368 yards on 17 carries (21.6 yards per carry) and three touchdowns. His last run came with Allegany leading 30-22 nearing the 10-minute mark in the fourth quarter. Welch took a handoff on a second-and-14, ran off the right side and up the sideline, gaining 76 yards, before being brought down from behind, landing awkwardly on his ankle and ending his night and quite possibly his season, according to Allegany head coach Bryan Hansel.


The Campers also lost split end and defensive back Dorian Terrell for the year with a knee ligament injury, according to Hansel, who also said center Ryan Clark had to go to the hospital following a knee injury in the second quarter and J.D. Shambaugh has a concussion.


“(The) poor get poorer,” Hansel said. “But we’re going to enjoy (this win) until about midnight.”


Following Welch’s injury, Powell punched it in from the Colonial 2, giving Allegany a 36-22 lead following a missed point-after try with 10:08 to play.


Albert Gallatin started deep in its own territory on the ensuing drive, beginning at its own 4, but the Colonials were aided by a pair of 15-yard penalties on third and- 13 from the 1. They marched down the field in 12 plays and chewed up 4:17 on the scoreboard, with quarterback Tristan Robinson hitting Caleb Lang with a 13-yard score to cap off the drive. The PAT was no good, putting the score at 36-28.


The Campers recovered the onside kick and needed just three plays to get into the end zone, with Powell scoring on a 36-yard run.


Powell put the game to bed with a 60-yard interception return for a touchdown.


Welch got the Campers on the board first on their second drive of the evening, after they fumbled on their second play from scrimmage on the first drive. On Allegany’s third offensive play of the game, Welch ran off right tackle and up the sideline where he had all the space in the world, reaching the end zone from 87 yards out. The Campers went for two, converting it when Grant Cain threw a completion to Trevor Milburn to give Allegany an 8-0 lead at the 7:51 mark.


The Colonials responded with a 3-yard touchdown run by Robinson, capping a drive that spanned 7:17. Robinson threw a two-point pass to Bruno Fabrycki to tie the game 8-8 with 34 ticks left in the first quarter.


Both teams scored twice in the second quarter as the Colonials led 22-21 at the break.


Welch scored on a 54-yard run at 10:35, with Cain booting the PAT, before Albert Gallatin responded with an 18-yard strike from Robinson to Fabrycki. The two-point run failed.


Powell had Allegany’s final score of the first half, a 1-yard run, with the two-point run failing.


The Colonials snagged the lead with a 25-yard touchdown pass from Robinson to Dylan Shea 3:42 before the break.


Welch re-took the lead for Allegany with 54 seconds left in the third quarter when he scored on a 41-yard run, with Cain’s PAT making it 28-23.


Allegany added two points to its total when a group of Campers tackled the punter in the end zone for a safety at 11:25, which led to the possession in which Welch got injured.


Allegany had 429 offensive yards. Powell finished with five carries for 56 yards and Shambaugh had two for 34.


For the Colonials, Robinson finished 17 of 30 for 235 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions to go along with 18 rushes for 36 yards and a score. Shea hauled in eight passes for 133 yards and a touchdown. Allegany (1-3) hosts Smithsburg on Friday at 7 p.m. Albert Gallatin (3-1) hosts University (2-3) next week before hosting Hampshire (0-5) on Oct. 11 in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.



Mountain Ridge rolls to first win


Jay Miller scores three touchdowns in 37-14 victory






CUMBERLAND — Mountain Ridge ran for 247 yards and never let up in a 37-14 win over Allegany Friday night at Greenway Avenue Stadium.


The Miners (1-2) shook off some early season cobwebs for their first win of the season. Mountain Ridge had been held scoreless over its last six quarters and found the end zone just once in two games.


Friday night was a different story entirely as the Miners scored on six of their eight possessions, not counting the final drive that simply ran out the clock on two plays. Mountain Ridge scored in all four quarters, totaled 303 yards in offense and four different ball carriers scored a touchdown.


Friday’s game was very similar to last year’s matchup between the two as the Miners entered that contest 0-2 as well. Mountain Ridge defeated Allegany 47-24 and went on to win six in a row.


“I’m a defense first guy and I always like going defense first,” said Miner head coach Ryan Patterson. “About 20 minutes before the game, I thought we haven’t had a lead yet, let’s take the ball first. Let’s see if we can’t execute our offense.


“We made some changes up front and the line cleared the way for our backs,” he said. “We are really excited about where we are at right now.”


Jay Miller led the Miners with 131 yards on the ground and two touchdowns. Jared Horsman contributed 84 yards and a score on 14 attempts. Bryce Snyder completed four passes for 56 yards and added a rushing touchdown.


Allegany, which slips to 0-3, was led by Christian Welsh as he carried the ball 16 times for 184 yards and one touchdown. He galloped for 80 yards in the second quarter that was the highlight of the night for the Campers.


Mountain Ridge scored first as Horsman capped a 62-yard march on the game’s first drive with a four-yard TD run to give the Miners a quick 7-0 lead.


Ashton Shimko closed the first quarter on the Miners’ second drive with a 47-yard field goal for


a 10-0 lead. Mountain Ridge ran its lead to 17-0 when it capitalized on an Alco turnover with 4:43 showing in the second quarter. Aaron Vanmeter tackled Trevor Wimbush and the ball popped free. Mountain Ridge’s Miller scooped up the fumble and raced 57 yards for the score and a 17-0 cushion.


The Campers quickly answered on their ensuing possession as Welsh took a hand off and raced for an 80-yard touchdown that cut the deficit to 17-7.


The Miners scored on their first drive of the second half for a 24-7 lead. Folback-to-back sacks from Tre Smith and Jacob Wildesen, Mountain Ridge had excellent field possession to start its drive at the Alco 37. Eight plays later Snyder pushed is way into the end zone from the two for the score.


Miller tacked on two touchdowns in the fourth for the Miners and Allegany’s Dorian Terrell hauled in a 34-yard touchdown reception from Grant Cain for an Alco TD.


Miller opened the fourth with a one-yard score and rumbled for a 48-yard touchdown midway through the fourth to set the final at 37-14.


Aaron Vanmeter led the way defensively for the Miners with eight tackles, one for loss and the fumble that allowed Miller to score in the second. Terrell led the Campers with eight tackles, while Welsh made seven tackles with 1.5 tackles for loss and one sack.




Allegany falls in a thriller


Campers comeback comes up short 28-27




CUMBERLAND — In a back and forth and back contest, the Boonsboro Warriors prevailed when an Allegany attempt for two points and the lead fell incomplete, as the Warriors topped the Campers in a thriller, 28-27, Friday at Greenway Avenue Stadium, with Conner Yungman scoring the deciding touchdown on a 19-yard run with 3:52 left.


Running back Ethan Holobinko led the Warriors with 116 yards on 15 carries and two touchdowns, while Christian Welch turned in one of the top performances in recent Greenway Avenue vintage for the Campers, rushing for 235 yards on 24 carries with three touchdowns.


On their final possession of the night, trailing 28-21 with under 4:00 to go, and after a pair of penalties, the Campers were as deep as their own four before embarking on an 11-play scoring drive, with big first downs coming on a Grant Cain completion to Anthony Joseph for 14 yards to put the ball on the 34. Welch dove for a first down to get to the 46 before Cain found Trevan Powell at the Boonsboro 35, with Powell getting the ball to the 27.


Then, on second and 10 from the 27, Cain, under pressure, let go with a strong pass into the end zone to Powell, who made the catch in coverage for the touchdown with 1:04 left in the fourth.


The Campers lined up for two, and after a Boonsboro timeout, from an empty backfield, the pass went to the end zone to Powell in tight coverage, but fell incomplete.


On the ensuing onside kick attempt, the Warriors recovered at midfield at the 1:00 mark. From there, Boonsboro took two knees and ran out the clock.


The Campers took over to start the game and needed just eight plays to score, with Cain finding Dorian Terrell for the first first down and 12 yards to put the ball on the Warriors 39. Two plays later, White picked up a first down at the 29, before J.D. Shambaugh gained nine and Welch 11. On first and goal from the nine, Welch then took it into the end zone from the nine for the touchdown at 1:36 of the first. Cain’s kick made it 7-0.


Boonsboro (1-1) answered with a 12-play, 68-yard scoring drive, with first downs coming from Holobinko on a 16-yard completion from Brady Ingram, with the big play of the drive being a fourth-down completion for first down when Ingram found Ty Unger for 19 yards to the 19. On third and 11 from the 20 three plays later, Ingram found Conner Yungman for a 20-yard TD pass with 8:32 left in the half, with Brandon Fink’s kick tying the score at 7-7.


One play later, however, Welch bolted 68 yards untouched on first down for the go-ahead touchdown, with Cain’s kick making it 14-7, Alco, with 8:07 left in the half.


Led by the running of fullback Holobinko, the Warriors marched right down the field to tie the score, with Holobinko running for gains of 14, 13 and five yards for another first down.


From the Alco 38, Holobinko went 13 yards to the Allegany 25, and after a flanker reverse took it 17 yards to the eight, Holobinko went in untouched, with Fink’s kick tying the score at 14-14 with 56 seconds left in the half.


In the third quarter, Shambaugh got the Campers going with a 43-yard kickoff return, and two plays later, Welch burst through the middle, broke tackles and steamed into the end zone from 43 yards out to put Allegany back on top, with Cain’s kick making it 21-14 at 11:04 of the third quarter.


Allegany’s second possession of the half ended in a blocked punt, with the Warriors taking over at the Alco 15. After a loss of five and an incompletion, Holobinko took the ball and grinded his way through would-be tacklers and took it into the end zone for the score from 20 yards with 5:48 left in the third, with Fink’s kick tying the score, 21-21.


Welch started the next Alco possession by getting into the Boonsboro secondary, but in fighting for extra yardage, fumbled the ball, with the Warriors recovering at the Campers’ 38, but penalties helped the Campers regain possession at the 32. Alco would take the ball into Warriors territory, but turned it over on downs at the 39.


After an exchange of possessions, the Warriors took over at their 45 and Holobinko immediately


broke lose for 35 yards, and two plays later, on third and nine from the Allegany 19, Yungman went misdirection and forced his way into the end zone at 3:52 to put the Warriors ahead, with Fink’s kick making it 28-21.






In todays era of high school football, these teams are always in need to things to support their efforts for that season and especially during the off season.  Someone or something or a group or organization that works solely to support that teams needs.

The Allegany Grid Iron Club is that person and group that does that for the Campers.  These very dedicated men and women volunteer their time year in and year out earning money through raffles, golf tournaments, car washes, contests, donations, clothing sales and many-many more ways.

They provide meals for the team before each game or a meal for the team after away games.  Items like socks for the players, practice uniforms (if needed), spikes or equipment regardless of the price.  Provide for players who are in need on spikes or special equipment when needed and on and on with to many items to mentioned here.

This page is dedicated to those volunteers who work tirelessly to provide the Allegany Campers football team what they need and when they need it.  Please continue to read this page to see all that the Grid Iron Club is doing for the team in just the next month.  The Club is always looking for new members and volunteers.  It you would like to take on this thankless task and be a supporter of the football team, please use their Facebook page at;


and see for yourself what the club does and how it functions.  You can contact the current President of the club, Stephany O'Neal through that site and get involved with the club.  They are always looking for new people and new ways of making money for the team.  So come out and volunteer or even run for one of the positions in the club.

The Allegany Campers Football team appreciates all efforts of the Club and invite to come on board the BIG BLUE TRAIN!  



                                         The new Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association state football playoffs system — a.k.a. The Helmick Plan, as it was devised and presented to the MPSSAA by Times News correspon-dent Todd Helmick — is a good thing if you ask me.

The season begins at the same time; the season ends at the same time — just one less regular-season game and one more playoff game. And you can play anybody you want to in the regular season and still get in. But once you’re in, you have to play who you should be playing to begin with. If you want to be in the playoffs.

Yet in the words of our Tavern Mensa chapter head, Bill Zapf, “This is Allegany County; we’re against everything,” and, sure enough, the biggest gripe we’re hearing about the nine-game regular season/32-team playoff field is that Homecoming will now take place one week earlier. And in the instance of how next year’s schedule will fall, Homecoming will come on Halloween weekend. Yikes! That’s scary.

Not really. They’ll still play the game in the afternoon.

Now the last time the world was going to end over moving The Big Game, you’ll recall, came 45 years ago when the Maryland state playoffs began and afforded us the opportunity to celebrate nothing but Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving.

“But this will ruin the (Allegany- Fort Hill, Beall-Bishop Walsh) Turkey Day games,” went the howling. “This will kill tradition. It will never be the same; it will be terrible; it will be horrible; it will die; whatever shall we do?!”

Please. As long as the big rivalry game around here is played as the last regular- season game, who cares?

(And on this we must never waver. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender our right to watch Allegany and Fort Hill in the final regular-season football game of the season ... Sorry.)

Last I checked, there were 38 Turkey Day games and now 45 Homecoming games and the world has not come to an end (yet), and our own November community holiday through the past 45 years has become stronger and better than ever — better than even the Turkey Day games were. Yes, I said it, better than even the Turkey Day games were.

Plus, the Homecoming game is a helluva lot more fun because we don’t have to spend the rest of the day with our families. We get to spend it fighting with our friends, and what could be better than that? And on top of that, we also get to fully enjoy Thanksgiving (depending on how much we eat) because neither side of town is going to lose a football game that day.

Another complaint we have been hearing about the new playoff system is that with 32 teams in the playoff field, there are going to be teams with 3-6 records that get in.

Well ... teams with 3-6 and 4-6 records get in now if you look at some of the screwy scenarios that have taken place around the state. And guess what? Because of that, there have been 7-3 and 8-2 teams that didn’t make the playoffs. With the new system in place, teams with 7-3 and 8-2 records will not be deprived of their opportunity.  

With the Helmick Plan in place, the MPSSAA gets to keep its regions (which it was going to do anyway) and won’t be in a position to have to pretend it can mandate region schedules during the regular season (and like they’ve been saying all along, they really can’t). Now, the region schedule is mandated in the playoffs, which provides true region representation once the playoff field is re-seeded. Re-seeded, you say? Bad idea, you say? Two region champions is a bad thing, you say? Why is that a bad thing?

Too participation trophy’s, you say?

Look, nobody has crusaded against the participation trophy harder than I have, although the damage has long been done to society on that one. That horse ain’t out of the barn. That horse is dead. But nobody goes to the state playoffs to win the region championship. If you do; if winning the region championship is your goal when you enter the playoffs for the state championship, then you should be more than happy to share your region title if you should happen to win a share of it.

So why do we have to call them region co-champions? Why don’t we just call them what they will be — West Region representatives. See how easy this is?

I like the new playoff system given what the old one had been for years on end. That this new proposal was even considered and put to votes by the MPSSAA is something to like as well. For as far back as not that long ago, a proposal for a new football playoffs system would never have even been considered. Look how long it took the MPSSAA to expand the playoffs field from four to eight teams (12 years), and from eight to 16 (20 more).

The MPSSAA in that day lived by “Just say no” long before Nancy Reagan came along. In fact, “no” is all they did say. To everything. *In the end, this whole thing has been like getting somebody to do something for the betterment of all involved, but convincing that person it was his idea all along. And by going with this new playoff system, the MPSSAA has acknowledged and tipped its hat to, “Yeah, if we are still going to have a region playoffs system, then region teams should play teams in their own regions.” *And that is what they will now do. And they’ll do it where it will matter the most — in the state playoffs.

Mike Burke is sports editor of the Cumberland Times-News. Follow him on Twitter @MikeBurkeCTN

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